Sunknowledge is a One Stop Provider of Powerful DME Billing

If you are looking for a serious transformation is your DME billing, Sun Knowledge will be your go to destination. Currently, we are serving more than 100 DME clients with our disciplined practice management and revenue cycle management support. The biggest advantage of working with Sun Knowledge is our robust processes and a terrific combination of a team of medical billers that ensure transparency and accountability in your DME claims.

Sun Knowledge, the next-gen DME Billing Company

Sun Knowledge will ensure precise checks and balances with its excellent benefits checks and authorization process. The biggest asset to working with Sun Knowledge will always be its comprehensive understanding of the claims adjudication mandates that help in laying down the right checks and balances.

Moreover, we deliver our DME billing services on a dedicated model at a price range of as low as $7 per hour for a full time employee. We guarantee you a reduction of billing costs by 70% and will increase your overall collections by 97%. We are a 100% HIPAA compliant company and will deliver cutting-edge DME billing services with 99% billing and coding accuracy.

Proficient expertise on all major billing platforms

In the DME billing space, we are proud to let you know that our team has the experience in working with all the major billing software. We are currently working with Brightree software and will guarantee you a reduction of billing costs and improved credibility in your DME claims.

Also, our billing team will be working as a perfect extension to your existing operational practices and will provide you with customized solutions. A seamless transformation to a paperless ambiance will help you in driving your DME collections in best proportions.

You can avail our “30 day trial offer” on a no lock up advantage to witness what best practices will bring on the table. Sun Knowledge does not believe in write offs and will go to any extend to recover your pending accounts receivable. Stop worrying about your pending AR’s and partner with Sunknowledge for a better DME billing experience.

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