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If you are in the healthcare business and are involved in paying for medical services rendered to different parties under some form of insurance cover, you are probably no stranger to the usual concern over accurately justifying the payment, eliminating fraud and making sure that you are not exploited.

In fact, this is one of the biggest worries of any payor. Is your money going towards a just claim? Are you paying for a genuine cause? Are you sure that you are not being asked to pay for a service that you do not cover?

With our wide range of specialized services tailored for payors like you, Sunknowledge is uniquely equipped to take care of all such worries quickly, professionally and in a highly cost-effective way.

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Services that we cater

Claims Adjudication

Sun Knowledge has been a pioneer in the claims process outsourcing arena, with proven demonstrable experience in insurance claims adjudication…..


Credentialing is the process of obtaining, verifying, and evaluating qualification of a provider and determines whether an applicant is qualified to be a participating….


The Billing and Collection team at Sun Knowledge provides customized and decisive solutions to Medicare and Medicaid HMOs, Commercial Insurance ……

Utilization Management

Utilization Management is the evaluation of the appropriateness and medical need of health care services, procedures and…..

Contact Center

At Sunknowledge we have a large team of experienced Customer Care personnel and we take pride in it for a number of reasons.….

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