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Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is an item that is extended to provide therapeutic benefits for certain medical conditions and sicknesses. DME has to be medically necessary and authorized in advance before it becomes eligible for coverage by a Health Plan. Thus, it is evident that DME billing is quite unique and differs from any other type of medical billing and coding. Your resources must have extensive understanding of the HCPCS Level II codes and the overall aspect associated with DME reimbursement.

Present-day demands are increasing by the day. Finding trained resources is becoming a rarity. In spite of paying higher salaries, you are going to be short-staffed as a DMEPOS supplier for almost 60 days in a year.

You cannot afford to lose out on your hard-earned money with an inconsistent DME billing approach. You must find a way to focus more on your patients and leave the rest to a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) billing services partner.

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Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr. (all inclusive)*.

Our Complete Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Billing

Pre Billing Services

Order Entry
Eligibility Verification
Prior Authorization
Doctor Office Follow Up
Order Confirmation
Delivery Scheduling

Post Billing Services

Claim Creation
Claim Submission
Denial Management
Payment Posting
AR Follow up
Customer Service

Additional Activities

CPAP User Compliance tracking
Patient Collections
Re-supply processing
Hold projects (CMN/PAR etc.)
Fax / documentation indexing and management support

dme billing services company


Over the last decade, we have emerged as a robust DME billing company. We have eliminated process loopholes for some of the largest DME providers, and helped them regain control over their collections with our ability to offer niche assistance.

At present, Sunknowledge is a trusted partner to the top 3 DME companies of the country with annual revenue of $1.6 billion. The reason we have been a preferred destination is our highest productivity at the lowest price. Yes, you heard us right, at reasonable pricing (all-inclusive) we will extend dedicated resources who will be working as your own pool of DME billers and coders.


We are versatile across all major DME Medical billing software systems like:

We do it all when it comes to handling your inventory, managing your denials, recovering your aging A/R’s!

As a next-gen DME billing & collections partner, we drive your growth, eliminate challenges with staff shortages and pioneer your revenue cycle management efforts. Our superior pool of DME billing experts is ready to start working for you immediately!


We offer unique support with all the heavy lifting work for both pre and post RCM requirements. Our versatility across all major & emerging practice management systems, ability to offer an expert team working at the lowest rate with customized reporting makes us a champion DME billing company. We have reduced billing costs by 70% for the biggest & the best!

DME includes all but are not limited to only electric and manual wheelchairs, traction equipments, crutches, walkers, ventilators, nebulizers, hospital beds, ostomy supplies, lifts , pressure mattresses and many more.

The HCPCS codes used in Durable Medical Equipment ranges from E0100-E8002. Walking aids and attachments are included in E0100-E0159, Commode supplies and chairs are included under E0163-E0175 while E8000-E8002 categorize Pediatric gait trainers.

As far as transfer of data or information goes we offer world-class standards combining compliance with flexibility. You can scan and upload it on our server where it gets recorded. We can also retrieve/work remotely to have access to your current billing system. We believe in working as an extension of your existing operations!

As a 360-degree revenue cycle management company, Sunknowledge takes pride in its robust standards of security. We adhere to 100% HIPAA compliance while dealing with your PHI. Also, we have ISO certified standards and use the process of encryption in our emailing system for any exchange of PHI information. We are currently working with excellence & trust for giants in the healthcare space!

We have expertise in working with all kinds of software Like Brightree, CPR+HME, OPIE, and many other prominent ones including emerging ones like NikoHealth, DMEWORKS, TeamDME, and others. Also, we are perfectly comfortable in working with any client proprietary platform and will get a complete understanding if you are using any during our period of transition at no additional costs!

We have demonstrated capabilities in recovering aging accounts as old as 90 days or more. Our team of denial management/accounts receivable experts delivers actionable support in handling delinquent accounts. We believe to improve your rate of collections by 30% to 40% within the first month itself with our engagement.

We can start immediately! We have a flexible approach with contractual delegations with a “ no binding” system in place. Talk to our team to know more about how we work and what difference we bring to the table!


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