A Complete Approach in Sleep Study Billing Services

According to a recent study, Sleep disorders impact almost 70 to 80 million Americans annually thus resulting in an increase in sleep study billing services. Being a common problem, the consequences of sleep disorders can be serious at times. Poor sleep not only depletes energy, impair judgment but also leads to chronic health issues like heart disease, diabetes, depression, obesity, etc; which is why sleep study is essential. Americans may research alternative medicines for help potentially through terms such as, ‘what might be the for sleep?’ Or maybe by seeking out online recommendations. However, sleep studies may be more beneficial in investigating the issue.

Today sleep studies test’ not only diagnose the core issue but can also test for a specific disorder like narcolepsy and periodic limb movement disorder, central sleep apnea, obstructive sleep apnea, etc.

About 22 million people suffer from sleep apnea which isn’t diagnosed, according to The American Sleep Apnea Association and similar clinics are available in plenty, some are still unaware of the treatment that can avail. In fact, many people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea have a difficult time staying awake during the day and have difficulty concentrating.

Moreover, in the sleep study billing this sleep apnea is a serious disorder when untreated can lead to health risks like diabetes; high blood pressure; cognitive disorder; heart disease, etc for which CPAP is the only treatment that works for many patients.

Furthermore, as the CPAP, BIPAP, the sleep management process is an evolving specialty with coding and billing requirements been constantly updating. It becomes quite challenging for many healthcare providers to handle day to day billing activities, staying up to date on the billing regulations for internal administrative staff as well as concentrating on the regular follow-up, etc. Moreover having a team of experienced billers and coders handling your operation extension are quite an expensive affair for many healthcare providers. This is why today most healthcare providers are also seen outsourcing their sleep studies billing operation.

How Can We Help?

Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr. (all inclusive)*.

sunknowledge advantage

How outsourcing your sleep study billing operation, BIPAP, CIPAP billing from Sunknowledge Services Inc can help your practice?

Extending superior support in sleep study billing, BIPAP, CPAP billing pre/ post billing, our team understands your immediate needs with front end/back end revenue cycle management. In fact, our experienced billers and certified coders being regularly up to date with all the billing mandates ensuring a faster reimbursement rate for all our clients.

Offering customized support eliminating proven pain points like delayed submission of authorization and claims, absence of proper follow-up, lack of operation reports, improper documentation, etc. our experts put special attention in maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate.

Reducing the operational cost by 80% in all the sleep study billing operation, CPAP billing, BIPAP billing, etc, today we are known for the highest productivity metrics in the market.

What makes us different?

Providing a complete billing operation, we provide additional after sell CPAP assistance including:

  • Tracking
  • Contacting and advising noncompliant patients
  • Contacting compliant patients and providing appointment alerts
  • Scheduling appointment with doctor’s office
  • Contacting ordering physicians with compliance reports

Even additional Sales Support is also provided by us by reaching out to:

  • Existing CPAP users regarding supplies if eligible
  • Existing diabetic/incontinence users regarding supplies if eligible
  • Previous patients regarding CPAP supplies and DME products
  • New leads regarding CPAP supplies and DME products
  • Constant support through easy access and availability of managers/resources over Phone call/video conferencing / screen sharing
  • Work assignment and management via MyForms
  • Manage/index documents via the applicable document management system

Why Sunknowledge Services?

  • The only RCM company excelling in all the pre-billing activities
  • Working with the largest company
  • Ensure the highest collection rate
  • Reducing the Accounts Receivable Bucket by 30% within 1 Month
  • No cost Account Manager/ Employees available at all times over a US phone number
  • Robust reporting according to the client’s protocol
  • Over 100s excellent client references including Billion Dollar clients
  • No FICA, paid holidays, medical benefits, etc.
  • Free trial of the first thirty days and a No binding contract

So, leverage Sunknowledge advantage and get a seamless sleep study billing, BIPAP, CPAP billing experience along with financial upliftment by partnering with Sunknowledge Services Inc by your side. To know more information, we are just a call away!

FAQ’s on Sleep Study Billing

How can Sunknowledge help with Sleep Study Billing Work?

Taking care of all the pre and post billing responsibilities, we put special attention during data entry, eligibility, and authorization verification, reducing the chances of denial and errors. Ensuring doctor’s office follow-up claims management and proper account receivable management; our team has a full-service approach when it comes to sleep study billing.

What fees Structure do You Charge for Sleep Study Billing?

Helping you with 80% operational cost reduction and the highest productivity metrics, we only have a service charge which is as low as $7 per hour or 1.99%. Helping you with the highest collection rate and lesser denial and rejection, our main goal is to ensure a seamless billing transaction so that you can focus more on patient care.

Do You Offer after Sells CPAP Services as Well?

Yes, providing a complete standalone / end to end billing services, we also provide additional after selling CPAP assistance starting from tracking, contacting, and advising noncompliant patients and providing appointment alerts for compliant patients. Scheduling an appointment with the doctor’s office as well as contacting ordering physicians with compliance reports.
Even additional sales support is also provided by us by reaching out to existing CPAP users and even existing diabetic /incontinence users regarding supplies if eligible. Previous patients regarding CPAP supplies and DME products and even new leads regarding CPAP supplies and DME products
Our experts also ensure constant support through easy access and availability of managers/resources over Phone call /video conferencing / screen sharing. Manage/index documents via the applicable document management system is also part of our after sells support.

How can Sunknowledge Help if My Doctor Prescribes a CPAP Based on My Sleep Study?

If you are diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, then CPAP is mainly prescribed by your physician, which is a common and most effective treatment. Sunknowledge Services Inc will not only help you with complete billing responsibility but will also provide you with after sell CPAP support as well.

When Do You Need an Overnight Sleep Study?

When you are suffering from sleep apnea and other sleep-related breathing disorders during your sleep, you need an overnight sleep study. Especially patients who need adjustments to their continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices, patients with possible cases of narcolepsy who have a hard time staying awake during the day, and patients who feel abnormally fatigued during the day even though they sleep throughout the night can also be part of an overnight sleep study.

Why Will We Outsource Our Sleep Study Billing from Sunknowledge?

Sunknowledge eliminating all the unnecessary cost help you with 80% operational cost reduction with a 99.9% accuracy rate in all the billing and coding process. Saving your time and money, our experts also reduces the chances of denial and rejection of claims. Offering the best price in the market, we not only excel in delivering all the heavy lifting work for both pre and post RCM requirements but also ensure seamless billing transactions with efficient revenue generation at the same time. Our versatility across all major & emerging practice management systems along with benefits like no cost dedicated account manager, robust reporting according to client’s protocol, first thirty days of free trial is also the talk of the industry.

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