Leverage the Sunknowledge trust in cardiology billing

Multiple procedure rules, complex contractual adjustments and regular changes in coding procedures are some of the challenges in cardiology billing. As a provider, especially in these trying times, you need a medical billing partner, offering you a robust redundancy plan to assist your process of business continuity.

Sunknowledge Services Inc has the perfect plan to transform your cardiology billing

We will help you manage:

  • Shortage of staffs due to outbreak of any pandemic
  • Lack of staffs due to high employment rates
  • Task specific resource migration activities to meet project deadlines

Reasons that make us a champion operational extension:

  • Immediate reduction of 70% in your operations cost
  • Highest productivity metrics in the cardiology space
  • Dedicated account managers providing you end-to-end support
  • Highest collection rate in the industry
  • Over 100’s of excellent client references
  • No FICA, paid holidays, medical benefits etc.
  • We charge only $7 per hour
  • No write-offs or adjustments on claims without your consent
  • Customized reporting meeting your specific needs
  • Liability Insurance cover of $1/3 million from Geico/Hiscox for any errors of Omission & Commission
  • 100% HIPAA compliance

How Can We Help?

Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr. (all inclusive)*.

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AI Improved Productivity

If you looking to know more about our comprehensive RCM services, we will be glad to give you a complete illustration! Leverage the Sunknowledge assurance in cardiology billing during this testing time! We believe in working as your reliable operational partner.

Our team has proficiency across multiple practice management systems, deliver actionable support with seamless communication standards. Hedge your bets on us as we assure of trust & excellence in our ability to work as your reliable cardiology billing partner.

We believe in making a difference in your cash flow! Schedule a call with one of our experts to know more about our cardiology services. We have the best plan among all as we know how to make a difference in your collections

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