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One of the major deterrents in the process of growth for physician groups looking to expand their business and increase revenue is an interrupted payment system. A steady flow of cash ensures, among other things, the regular availability of funds that is required to maintain continuity of core processes. In other words, it sustains a business and gives it the fuel to continue functioning smoothly.

Unfortunately, the real scenario is rife with issues involving delayed payments, red-tapes and accumulated account receivables. To add to the problem, there are rejections, denials and cases involving inaccurate billing or erroneous invoices. It’s no wonder that getting paid for services rendered so often turns into a nightmare!

This is an unfortunate state of affairs for physicians like you. To put it in simple words, after all the time and effort you have spent on providing the best quality services to your patients, not getting paid at the end of the day does leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

The Sun Knowledge Solution on Physician Billing

A host of factors, including a lack of trained staff, an outdated or simply inefficient physician billing processes and an over-reliance on legacy technology – can all impact accounts receivable performance, negatively impacting practice profitability. Physician groups also need to develop strategies for better financial performance including governance assessment services, which can help ensure that your practice has the structure, agreements and contracts it needs.

This is where Sunknowledge can make a big difference. Our proactive and streamlined revenue cycle management process not only regularizes the flow of cash to your organization, but also gives you complete visibility and assurance of your payments – through every step of your billing chain. We can also help you to regularize processes, maintain the right focus and create the perfect claim-making scenario for quicker payments and faster resolutions.

We have been successfully serving healthcare providers in every domain – hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care centers, durable medical equipment, prosthetics & orthotics, and more. Our billers and coders are proficient in working in several industry-standard practice management and billing systems, and have an excellent track record in delighting each customer through their expertise, dedication and steady focus on making you realize your payments on time.

Some of the reasons why our clients love us include:

  • Improved workflow using effective tracking tools
  • Quick turnaround time
  • High level of accuracy
  • Proactive approach to the task of cash recovery
  • Extensive follow-up measures till resolution
  • Detailed reporting with suggestions for actions to be taken
  • Full HIPAA compliance

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