Enhance your accounts receivable with streamlined infusion billing support

Infusion Services is a cornerstone in site of care management for health plans. The cost for providing specialty infusion drugs in the home versus infusing in a hospital outpatient setting is less than half. Infusion Services lets patients reduce or even totally avoid outpatient hospital visits, and allows them to resume normal routines and work behaviors – while still treating their illness.

infusion billing

Reduce your hours of rework and stop your delay of accounts receivable with the Sunknowledge advantage. We offer superior support in pre and post infusion billing services at the best pricing standards in the competitive landscape.

We currently offer a host of services to leading clients in DME, Orthotics & prosthetics as well as in the HME space. Over the years, we have earned a unique recognition of working with both provider and payer side of business.

Our team is proficient across all major billing systems like:

  • Brightree, Kareo, OPIE, Fastrack, CPR+ HME, TEAMDME and many more!

Why we are different from other RCM companies 

  • The only company who provides pre billing activities like insurance verification,  prior authorization and order confirmation which our competitors do not offer
  • Only company to communicate directly with the patients and the doctor’s office to get all the documents in time
  • We do all post billing services at just $7 per hour with a very high 97% first pass collection rate and many more…….

Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage!

  • Access to dedicated resources at just $7/hr
  •  A solution bringing cost down by 80%
  • Highest productivity metrics with 99.98% accuracy
  • A 97% first pass collection rate
  • Great references from industry leaders in the Infusion billing services Space
  • Serving the 3rd largest DME holding company with revenue of $600 million annually
  • Dedicated account manager for seamless communication
  • Customized Reporting based on the requirements shared by our clients at the time of transition
  • ISO 27001 certified company covering all HIPAA requirements

Our Infusion Billing Service Portfolio:

Pre-billing Services:-

  • Eligibility Verification – Online & Calling (with same & similar check for Medicare)
  • Authorization Initiation – Online & Calling
  • Doctor’s Office Follow-up for documents etc
  • Re-Authorization
  • Order Entry (Patient, Provider, Insurance, Item etc)
  • Order Confirmation
  • Scheduling of Delivery 

Post-billing Services:- 

  • Creation of Claims
  • Claims Submission
  • Claim Rejection Management
  • Payment Posting – Auto & Manual
  • Accounts Receivable & Denial Management

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