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If the complexities of infusion billing services are getting in your way of submitting clean claims to the payers, you are at the right place. With our rich experience in providing complete support in pre- and post-billing for infusion services, Sunknowledge is your definitive destination for full assistance in A-Z of infusion billing.

Our range of services include patient entry, checking and verifying eligibility, obtaining prior authorization (including re-authorization, and following up with the doctor’s office), coding and billing, submitting clean claims, payment posting, collecting from accounts receivable, virtual assistance, contact center support, and a lot more. Our highly acclaimed prior authorization services cover a wide range of therapies and medication, such as Humira, Remicade, Stelara, Cimzia or Zeposia in  GastroenterologyInterstim, Myrbetriq, Jatenzo, Xtandi or Lupron in UrologySimponi, Enbrel, Actemra, Cosentyx or Skyrizi in Rheumatology, and countless more in over 30 specialties. 

Infusion services refer to specialized medical procedures where medications, fluids, or blood products are administered directly into a patient’s bloodstream through a needle or catheter. These services, typically provided in healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, or infusion centers, are used to treat various conditions such as infections, chronic diseases, cancer, pain management, and more.

Infusion is a highly specialized area where services are delivered by trained healthcare professionals, like nurses or pharmacists. Over the years, this area has evolved into a specialty in its own right, acquiring a degree of complexity that is a natural consequence of continuing progress in medical sciences. This is evident in the complex nature of billing and coding for infusion services, and the frequent hurdles in maintaining a healthy revenue cycle.

Try our revenue cycle management services, tailored specifically for Infusion practices. With our high accuracy, deep expertise and payer-side experience, we are uniquely positioned to take your collections to the next level of excellence.

Our team is proficient across infusion billing systems like:

  • Brightree, Kareo, OPIE, Fastrack, CPR+ HME, TEAMDME, and many more!

Why we are different from other RCM companies 

  • The only company who provides pre-billing activities like insurance verification,  prior authorization and order confirmation which our competitors do not offer
  • Only company to communicate directly with the patients and the doctor’s office to get all the documents in time
  • We do all post billing services at just $7 per hour with a very high 97% first pass collection rate and many more…….

How Can We Help?

Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr.* (all inclusive) guaranteed locked-in rate till 2026!

sunknowledge advantage

infusion billing

Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage!

  • Access to dedicated resources at just $7/hr.
  • A solution bringing cost down by 80%
  • Highest productivity metrics with 99.98% accuracy
  • A 97% first-pass collection rate
  • Great references from industry leaders in the Infusion billing services space
  • Serving the 3rd largest DME holding company with revenue of $600 million annually
  • Dedicated account manager for seamless communication
  • Customized Reporting based on the requirements shared by our clients at the time of transition
  • ISO 27001 certified company covering all HIPAA requirements

Our Infusion Billing Service Portfolio:

Pre-billing Services:-

  • Eligibility Verification – Online & Calling (with same & similar check for Medicare)
  • Authorization Initiation – Online & Calling
  • Doctor’s Office Follow-up for documents etc.
  • Re-Authorization
  • Order Entry (Patient, Provider, Insurance, Item etc.)
  • Order Confirmation
  • Scheduling of Delivery 

Post-billing Services:- 

  • Creation of Claims
  • Claims Submission
  • Claim Rejection Management
  • Payment Posting – Auto & Manual
  • Accounts Receivable & Denial Management

FAQ’s on Infusion Billing

Why Should We Look to Outsource Infusion Billing?

While a patient receives a therapeutic infusion of a drug for one hour, specialized professionals know how to report CPT code 96365 for diagnosis, prophylaxis, or therapy. Finding in house team that knows it all can be difficult. Outsourcing of infusion billing reduces your operational costs, improves your focus on patient care, and transforms your cash flow.

Why will I Outsource Infusion Billing to Sunknowledge?

We offer seamless proficiency, great experience in working on infusion billing, and have excellent references across the industry. Sunknowledge delivers complete pre and posts billing support at $7 per hour reducing your operational costs by almost 75%.

Do You Work With Startup Infusion Billing Service Providers?

Yes, we have over 100 clients all across DMEPOS and infusion billing space. Our team is versatile and has the experience of working with startup sets ups as well as leading names. We offer dedicated resources and have a niche ability to work as your operational extension.

What are The Immediate Benefits if I Outsource to You?

We can reduce down your operational costs by 75%, improve collections by 30% to 40% within the first month itself, you can get access to an experienced team of medical billers ready to work for you at next door rates with seamless standards in communication. Also, we offer you dedicated account managers and customize according to your protocols.

How Soon Can We Start Our Infusion Billing?

We can start working immediately! After signing the initial scope of work, we will allocate your work to the concerned manager and his team. We will organize the transition, to understand your process and develop the manual which will be the point of reference for us during our working together. We also have a no binding contract.

Looking to know more about our infusion billing action plan! Let us share our best practices, references across the industry, and the ability to work as your reliable operational arm over a “no commitment call”! We are just a call away!

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