DME Testimonials

Excellent job on determining the practitioner for E****** P*******, .Also I’m glad things are making more sense and understanding that if there is no cost to us on items we leave them off

T**** G*****
Leading DME Company From California Area

I just want to let you know you guys crushed it today with the auths! I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from my team. Thank you for all your help.

D***** B*****
Leading DME Company From Massachusetts

I find everyone to be open, thoughtful and eager to understand our accounts receivable methods and requirements.

The team is receptive and readily accepts instruction. The team members make thorough, thoughtful efforts to understand denials, and work logically toward resolution.

I am happy to be working with the team and look forward to fruitful results.

L*** B***
Corporate Trainer, Leading DME Company From Texas Area

My team at SunKnowledge has met or exceeded my expectations at every turn. This is an incredibly complicated industry, mistakes are inevitable, but I am so impressed with S***n, P*****m, A*****t, and V****a in their ability to adapt to new rules and correct past mistakes.

The level and quality of communication is excellent. When we had our Go Live date with A*****t and S***n, I was worried that they might not communicate as often as I would like and mistakes might run out of control but I have been so pleased with our consistent level of communication. They hear me when process changes are needed, they work excellently on their own, and they’re so fantastically detail-oriented, they often see details that even I miss.

Very happy with what we have going here.

B*******N Z**N
Director Of Operations, Leading DME Company From California

It has been a pleasant experience working with SK over the past few months. The transition has been very smooth. The team is adaptable and quick to learn the new projects we continuously add on. We are very pleased with the teams work and daily progression thus far. SK has surpassed our goals and expectations.

We look forward to the future with SK.

W****** W******
Lead Billing Specialist, Leading DME Company From Michigan

I just wanted to inform you that we have selected your team to specifically target our best opportunities for past due leads.

Your team was selected for this project since you guys are truly the key players in our success! Please relay to your entire team how impressed we are with all of you, and how much we appreciate your dedication.

As always, please contact me on my cell if you have any questions about this information.

C***** M*****
Sales Manager, Leading DME Company From California Area

We received a payment from Medicare today totaling almost 93k!!! We haven’t seen a payment like this in a while.

Let’s keep this momentum going!

A***** R*****
Vice-President, A Reputed DME Company From Texas