Healthcare Virtual Office Assistant Services

Focus on what generates revenue in your business and hire a dedicated healthcare virtual office assistant from Sunknowledge. We help you keep track of your daily records and improve your patient engagement efforts simultaneously.

Our virtual assistants (VA) can be assigned with a broad range of tasks such as medical billing and collections, data entry, back office and support, customer service, accounting and bookkeeping, helping you with full growth potential.

More time for your patients with cost savings

Rising cumulative wait-times is a huge concern for health practitioners. You may not find yourself with enough time for your patients. Hire our virtual assistants at the lowest possible rates to take off  your workload. As our VA takes care of your daily tasks, it will leave you with more time for taking care of your patient assignments.

No office setup or additional requirements

To hire our virtual assistants, you don’t need to dedicate a physical space or any office equipment like computers or telephones. Also, you are not needed to pay any health insurance or pension benefits to our VA’s. We take care of it all on your behalf.

So without incurring any additional charges, you can get your work going with complete efficiency. Talk of a good deal, it’s right here with us!

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Our 360° Virtual Office Assistance Roadmap

Appointment Bookings

  • Patient is promptly scheduled for consultation with Doctor based on availability of both parties.

Reception & Concierge

  • Patient is welcomed to the clinic by our polite and courteous customer service agents over cloud based telephony reception services also with latest VM technology and task features.
  • Basic patient information is collected and patient is invited to the clinic online patient portal.
  • New/Existing patient medical queries and OOP costs are addressed by the concierge desk.
  • Also, Sunknowledge has resources solely dedicated to patient calling and patient scheduling services.

Chart Prep & MR Filing

  • Patient charts are created. All relevant, necessary and current Medical Records is acquired and updated on the patient’s file.

Intake & Consent

  • Patient receives a link to send across their details like ID’s, insurance cards via a few easy clicks and snaps on their phone (or email) through our cloud based intake platform.
  • In the process the patient also receives a welcome packet containing vital documentation like consent and intake forms, etc which they can easily review, sign digitally and send across to the clinic along with relevant medical information.

Check In

  • Once patients arrive at the clinic they are remotely checked in by the courteous office staff via our online front-office platform.

Follow-Up & Confirmation

  • Patient appointment confirmation calls are made to ascertain attendance which allows servicing other priority cases and maximizing physician productivity and reducing cancellations.

Scheduling & Orders

  • Required procedures are scheduled with the Doctor and preferred facility.
  • Requested medications are ordered.
  • Follow-Up visit is scheduled.

Check Out

  • Patients are checked out remotely. Survey & feedback completed.
  • Visit notes are reviewed and tasked to the appropriate department internally for quick response.

STEP-1 eMR Practise – Resource  Scheduling                                                                               

STEP-2 Check the provider participation. Check patient Eligibilty and Benefits

STEP-3  Verify if Authorization is required

STEP-4 Yes/No 
NEXT Document in eMR

STEP-5 Initiate and process Auth/Referral document the same eMR

STEP-6 Create billing Alert if patient has any responsibility for the service (Copay, Deductible and Coinsurance)                                                                                               


Prior auth will be initiated as per charts. We’ll check the scheduler in eMR to work on the all patient scheduled for the service. Pre – Authorization Requests has 3 components to it:

  • Authorization initiation
  • Authorization follow-up
  • Acknowledgement of Authorization approval/ denials from insurance.

Each function will be documented in the patient’s chart within the EMR as well as all approval/denial.

Pharmacy Help-desk

  • Medications, medical supplies and all necessary prescriptions are ordered to requested pharmacy.
  • Charts checked for existing patient refill request and fulfilled.
  • Consultations provided in regards to directions, dosage, diet and/or other queries.

Records & Billing

  • Patient medical records are updated and any necessary information is forwarded to interested parties.
  • Patient balance dues & co-pay details updated to ensure effective collection of OOP costs.

Physician Schedule Management

  • Physician appointment book is dynamically maintained online on our cloud platform and constantly optimized, with proper notifications to maximize time to care and physician productivity.

Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage now

  • Highest Productivity in the entire RCM space
  • Reduce your operational expenses by 80%
  • Our Virtual Assistants are available 24/7
  • 99% accuracy guaranteed
  • No expenses for on-the-job training
  • Free transition support
  • AWS-enabled for improved security

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