A Comprehensive Approach in Radiology Billing: The Sunknowledge Disaster Management Plan

Eliminate the claim denial risk at your radiology facility

Taking care of your radiology billing can be quite stressful and time consuming. It is critical for any radiology report to have the supported assignment of the proper code that allows optimal reimbursement.

It must have reports that should include details such as the patient name, the referring physician and date/ time with the history of the patient as well. Radiology medical billing can be quite challenging largely due to the number of exams needed.

It has a number of procedure and diagnostic codes involved. At Sunknowledge, we have the perfect plan for all your radiology billing and coding services. Our team will submit all your claims timely and will ensure a streamlined effort like never before.

With a tight labor market around, as a radiology provider, making sure that all your costs are under control remains a priority. We help you address exactly that! Our team has the experience to address all your pain points with

• Working on Patient Enrollment- Working on Insurance information and demographic details
• Verification of the Eligibility: Authorizations, Checking of insurance details and eligibility

How Can We Help?

Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr.* (all inclusive) guaranteed locked-in rate till 2026!

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Why Should You Outsource Radiology Billing?

It is true that there are multiple procedures involved with radiology billing. Documents that prove medical necessity, complete process of getting the approvals on time sets the benchmark for getting all the payments on time. In fact, a lot of radiology providers look for viable solutions of outsourcing that helps in managing radiology billing in the best possible manner. A quality radiology billing company offers the right support with versatility across all major practice management systems.

Also, it is pertinent to find a reliable partner that has the niche ability of offering support and that too at next door rates. If as a group, you are challenged by high operational costs, poor collections and flow of reimbursements, outsourcing of radiology billing happens to be a great solution. A knowledgeable team understands the claims adjudication mandates, offers superior solutions that can seriously transform your ROI by working as your operational arm.

Why Wait To Outsource if You Find The Right Alternative

A quality company offering your superior solutions in radiology billing delivers it all right from filing of claims, managing your rejections, working on your rising denials, working on the prior authorization, getting the eligibility checks done as well as doing it all with payment posting. The best part, you get access to a superior pool of medical billers that can seriously raise the bar with your cash flow and can make you a financially viable radiology service provider and help you focus better on your patient care.

Outsourcing can make a dramatic change to your financial fortunes if you find a vendor that has the ability to know what it takes to deliver actionable support. A top class radiology billing company knows what it takes to eliminate proven challenge areas in your practice management and will accelerate your flow of cash.

At the end, with a reliable outsourcing vendor there is immense possibility of getting paid for your services in radiology. Getting paid for your bills quickly is all that you are looking for. With a dedicated model of engagement, resources ready to deliver it all , you can have a steady flow of money coming in.

Working for years and having a unique presence among major healthcare providers and payers, Sunknowledge is your go to partner for a cleaner reimbursement process at this testing times. We believe in working as your reliable operational partner and have and extensive knowledge about radiology billing. Our providers task specific support in:

  • New patient Entry
  • Eligibility and Benefits Verification
  • Prior Authorization
  • Medical Coding
  • Claims Submission
  • Rejection Management
  • Payment Posting
  • Accounts Receivables Follow-up
  • Denial Management
  • Customer Service

Drive Your Radiology Billing Practice with us Working as Your Billing Partner:

Delivering excellence across major practice management systems, understanding individual protocols and delivering customized support, we are currently working with some prominent radiology billing service providers and Sunknowledge has the capability of offering stand out to support in radiology billing.
Our unmatched abilities in creating a system of tracking denials, understanding the reason, implementing a redundancy plan on future authorization requests have reduced the rate of PA denials for the best across the industry. Our front end support in working with eligibility verification / delivering excellent pre-billing activities are unique in the market place.

We are The Best When it Comes to Eliminating Challenges in:

  • Delayed submission of authorization
  • Absence of proper follow-up
  • Non-trained staff
  • Lack of adequate staffing

You can reduce your current employee costs, which can help you stabilize your current process with our excellent standards of productivity and that too with 99.99% accuracy. We have over

  • 100’s of excellent client references

Our team can have an immediate impact and reduce

  • Your current operational costs by 70%

Currently, on a dedicated model of engagement, we charge only $7 per hour. Our team looks forward to a discussion with you on how we look to eliminate proven challenge areas in your RCM mandates with our seamless standards of communication and exceptional radiology billing approach even at this trying times.

What makes us so accurate in radiology billing?

Our team has years of hands on experience of working with some of the leading radiology providers across the country. We know how to work on your front and back end RCM mandates and cover both interventional as well as non invasive procedures.

Our certified team of coders and billers has the expertise in working on all the imaging methods available in:

  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • XRAY
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Interventional Radiology Procedures

Highlights of our radiology medical billing Services

  • Customized Reporting
  • Monthly/Daily/Weekly share of reports as per your protocols
  • Seamless and a free transition process
  • Immediate 70% reduction of your operational costs
  • Quick turnaround time / Services rendered at only $7 per hour!
  • Working with the biggest and the best

FAQ’s on Radiology Billing

How Do You Offer Your Radiology Billing?

We have a complete approach right from checking the eligibility, getting the authorization, claims submission, denial management, accounts receivable collections, and payment posting. Our team has a full-service approach when it comes to radiology billing.

What Will be The Cost of Outsourcing Radiology Billing?

Sunknowledge offers pre/post radiology billing services at $7 per hour. We offer a dedicated model of engagement and work as an extension of your operational arm. Our team has versatility across all major practice management systems.

In What Format do We Send You Patient Data?

You can send it in the format that you are using presently. Also, during the transition period, we will be sharing our ideas on how information on PHI will be shared by you and how we will be working on it.

How Long Will it Take to Get Paid?

It depends on what are we working on as per your instructions. If you want us to take care of your full billing, the duration will be shorter. Also, if we start working on your A/R and denials, priority will be given to every dollar amount regardless of the size and source.

How Often do You Send Reports? What if I Want to Check on a Patient’s Balance Due?

As you want us to do it for you! We can send daily, weekly or monthly reports as per your consent. No write-offs or adjustments will be done without your permission and you can check on the patient’s due balance anytime by getting in touch with us.

Do You Send Invoices/Statements to The Client or We do It?

We can do it for you! We offer a host of services with patient calling, getting in touch with them to get them to pay the remaining amount.

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