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Urgent Care Practice Management Systems

We have a team of versatility and competence and offer support across urgent care EMR systems that include Docutap and others. We know what it takes to deliver you actionable support. Also, we are equally competent to deliver support for any client proprietary systems.

Urgent Care Billing Services:

We have over 100’s of references available. We are serving the biggest Urgent care center in NY and also in other parts of the country. We are trusted partners for some giants in the Urgent Care business.

Sunknowledge Services Inc employs top-class resources that understand what it needs to make your claims transparent! We offer medical coders that deliver superior support with all procedural and diagnosis codes needed in urgent care billing and coding.  We know how to drive your reimbursements with clean claims filed every time!

With Sunknowledge, you experience seamless Urgent Care billing services tailored to meet your billing requirements and bridge gaps in your revenue cycle. Understanding the urgency and the constant demand of the Urgent Care centers, and the importance of timely claims management, our experts have meticulously crafted solutions to cater to the unique and accelerated needs of Urgent Care billing services.

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Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr.* (all inclusive) guaranteed locked-in rate till 2026!

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What is Urgent Care Billing?

It involves the entire process of submitting the claims, making sure that all documents are in place with medical necessity. Also, following up on the claims, making the adjustments, following the timely filing limits and doing A/R collections are all important aspects of urgent care billing.

Outsource Urgent Care Billing to Sunknowledge

Sunknowledge has been extending urgent care billing support with an experienced team. We offer it all with versatility, dedicated support with account management and communication at 1.49% of all collections. We promise to reduce your operational costs by 75% and can transform your cash flow completely.

Urgent Care Billing – Overview

The lifeline of any business is a steady flow of cash within the organization. It ensures, among other things, the regular availability of funds that is required to maintain continuity of core processes. In other words, it sustains a business and gives it the fuel to continue functioning smoothly.

Unfortunately, the real scenario is rife with issues involving delayed payments, red-tapes and accumulated account receivables. To add to the problem, there are rejections, denials and cases involving inaccurate billing or erroneous invoices. It’s no wonder that getting paid for services rendered so often turns into a nightmare!

This is a sorry state of affairs for urgent care centers. To put it in simple words, after all the time and effort you have spent on providing the best quality services to your clients, not getting paid at the end of the day does leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

How to Manage Your Urgent Care Billing & Coding Operations Efficiently?

Bad luck is not the reason. Let’s face it, urgent care billing is tough demanding business. It takes specialized expertise and a good deal of experience to generate profit and drive down losses. Most of the time, Urgent Care Centers lose out on revenue due to inaccurate billing and a lack of clear understanding of the generic rules for payment. The 2 chief vices that most fall prey to are:

  1. Skipping ancillary and other important codes that could have increased revenue
  2. Staying ignorant about what points of care payers recognize and reimburse

Managing Urgent Care billing and coding within the strict confines of the center itself poses significant challenges. The intricacies of these tasks often make internal handling of such tasks impractical, both financially and strategically. Attempting to stay compliant with the ever-changing regulatory landscape adds another layer of complexity for physician facilities. Given the dynamic nature of the industry, navigating coding liabilities in Urgent Care medical billing becomes even more daunting. Thus, to alleviate these burdens, outsourcing Urgent Care billing and coding operations to seasoned professionals like Sunknowledge Services Inc. is always a wise choice.

Our proficient team of medical billers and coders is dedicated to fueling your business growth. By ensuring swift, accurate, and error-free coding of each claim, we minimize the risk of claim denial and rejection. Early assessment of claim eligibility further streamlines the process. Moreover, we meticulously adhere to all Medicare Urgent Care billing and coding guidelines to optimize reimbursement to the fullest extent.

The Sunknowledge Solution on Urgent Care Billing

This is where Sunknowledge can help to get your claims paid and your losses reduced. Our proactive and streamlined revenue cycle management process not only regularizes the flow of cash to your organization, but also gives you complete visibility and assurance of your payments – through every step of your billing chain.

Besides Urgent Care Centers, we have been successfully serving healthcare providers in many other allied domains such as physicians, hospitals/nursing homes, durable medical equipment, prosthetics & orthotics, and more. Our billers and coders are proficient in working in several industry-standard practice management and billing systems, and have an excellent track record in delighting each customer through their expertise, dedication and steady focus on making you realize your payments on time.

Ways Sunknowledge can Enhance Your Urgent Care Clinic’s Collections by Streamlining Your Urgent Care Billing Process:

Surgeons and other healthcare practitioners dedicate extensive time and effort to perfecting their specialties, with the intention of providing top-notch care without getting bogged down by billing complexities. Yet the reality is, doctors find themselves devoting up to 25 percent of their time to paperwork, a trend that is alarmingly on the rise. For many medical practices, outsourcing medical billing and coding has emerged as a significant solution, offering immense relief from administrative burdens. In fact, partnering with Sunknowledge is one of the most convenient and efficient ways out for seamlessly integrating Urgent Care billing operations into the scheme of daily affairs without having to compromise on patient-care.

Sunknowledge specializes in optimizing Urgent Care clinic collections by streamlining the billing process in line with with the best industry practices. With our expertise, we reduce the administrative burden drastically, allowing healthcare providers to focus on delivering exceptional patient-care without having to spend time behind the billing desk. Our advanced solutions and proficiency in working on various

EMR/EHRs further make us distinctly different from the rest. Ensuring accurate and timely claim submissions, reducing the risk of denials and maximizing reimbursements, we are known today for having improved the ROI for many leading Urgent Care centers and clinics across the US. By leveraging our comprehensive services, your Urgent Care clinic can achieve enhanced efficiency, improved cash flow, increased profitability and faster reimbursements, so you can completely focus on patient-care and managing your practice better. Trust Sunknowledge to elevate your Urgent Care billing process to new heights.


  • Overall collections up to 98%
  • Just 1.49% of all collections for a full-time coders and biller on a dedicated model (much below minimal wages)
  • Improved workflow using Rapid Automation Technology
  • Quick TAT in less than 48 hours
  • High level of billing accuracy
  • Proactive approach to the task of cash recovery
  • Extensive A/R follow-up measures till resolution
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Guaranteed billing cost reduction by 80%
  • Top class references from leading urgent care centers
  • Dedicated account managers providing you end to end support
  • No write offs or adjustments without prior consent
  • No lock-up period


  • Physician Coding
  • Patient Entry Demographics & eligibility verification
  • Fee Schedule/ Charge Entry
  • Claims Submission
  • Creation and mailing of Patient statements
  • Payment Posting/Reconciliation of Charges
  • Denial Management
  • Resubmission of corrected claims
  • AR calls/ follow ups on outstanding payments
  • Claim Closure once the balance is zero

Complete Urgent Care Billing Support all Under the Sunknowledge Roof

As a visionary in the space of urgent care billing, Sunknowledge has the unique ability to deliver niche support for all needs of revenue cycle management. Strong credentials and a great ability to work as an operational arm makes us a champion partner for some of the biggest names in urgent care billing.

Get Your Collections and Bottom Line Back on Track

Currently, we are working with a lot of clients who use prominent EMR systems like DocuTap and have ensured a 80% reduction in costs almost instantly. We offer a smarter way of managing your patient collections with great standards of productivity and compliance. Our unique ability to work with aging accounts receivable, deliver actionable denial management support has transformed cash flow for some of the giants in the world of Urgent Care billing Centres! We promise to reduce your operational costs by almost 80% with a first pass rate of 97%.

Why choose us

Switching to us will give you access to an unmatched skillset and a ready pool of urgent care billers ready to work for you at 1.49% of collections. With extensive experience, we offer hands-on support with CPC-certified coders and a billing team that knows what it takes to accelerate your cash flow. No one can offer such versatility with such stunning consistency, that we can assure you! We have over 100’s of references available!

There will be no write-offs or adjustments done without client consent and there are no binding contracts. Also, we offer support for ant errors of Omission & Commission of $1/3 million from Hiscox/Geico. Pick the brains of our experts. Get to know about the Sunknowledge plan in urgent care billing now! We are just a call away!

FAQ’s Section

What are the coding guidelines in Urgent care billing?

Once an encounter with the patient is completed, a coder usually translates all the procedure and diagnosis details into the medical code sets. In general, an urgent care will have CPT codes and they encompass the management and evaluation of the disease, surgery, radiology, anesthesiology, pathology, medicine and lab testing etc.

What Will be The Cost of Outsourcing my Urgent Care billing?

We offer complete support with everything in urgent care billing with task specific activities in denial management, working on your A/R’s. We offer a dedicated pool of resources at 1.49% of collections without any additional expenses.

Will I Have a Dedicated Account Manager?

Yes, we will be giving you a unique approach by expanding all possibilities of communication with you. Our team will be offering you dedicated account managers as well as full access to resources working for you any time.

Will I have a Dedicated Person who Works on all aspects of my Urgent Care Billing?

In fact, we will be giving you more! Whatever be the number of resources assigned to your work will be on a dedicated basis be it one or 10! Sunknowledge only works on a dedicated basis.

Is Sunknowledge Based in United States?

Yes, we have our office in 41 Madison Ave #2511, New York, NY 10010, United States. Also, we have our operations running from the city of Kolkata in India.

Will I Need to Switch my Billing Systems to Match Sunknowledge?

No, there is no need to switch your present billing system. We will be working on your present billing system via remote or you upload the files on our SFTP server. We can give you a complete process outline on how things work during the discussion.

What is the most important mistake at the front desk?

Good financial processes start at the front desk. It is critical for you as a provider to make sure that you collect the copays at the beginning of the patient visits instead of waiting until the end of their visit. Prior balances should be collected before you offer new service to the patients.

What are your PHI accountability process?

We are a 100% HIPAA compliant destination and have robust processes and intense internal audit mechanism. We have been doing this for some of the biggest names and that too for over a decade with trust & excellence.

Which are the most common CPT codes in urgent care?

The majority of CPT codes which are used in urgent care are E/M codes. In a typical urgent care setting, the CPT codes include:

☑ 99214 is for an outpatient or office visit for the management or evaluation of an established patient.
☑ 99213 is for an existing patient that needs treatment but with not with the above mentioned complications
☑ 99204 is one of the most commonly used code that needs three criteria, a complete history, a comprehensive exam and even medical decision making of moderate complexity. It has a relatively higher rate of reimbursement.

Do we Need to Interface with any Fancy Proprietary Systems?

No, Sunknowledge does not offer any proprietary billing platform. We work on client systems and offer our urgent care billing services. In fact, we have the capability of working on any client proprietary systems.

How Long Will it Take us to See Results?

Tangibly speaking, we have enough success stories where we have reduced operational costs by 80% for the biggest names in the urgent care space. Within one month we have reduced denials and increased collections by 30% to 40%.

What is Your Experience in Urgent Care Billing?

We are currently billing partners with one of the largest urgent care of the country based in NY. Also, we have footprint all across the country and working with some top names with excellent references. Our team is versatile in using all relevant urgent care software including DocuTap and others.

How Long will The on-boarding and Integration Take?

The on boarding process is instant! After the contractual formalities are over, the transition period takes over. We understand your protocols, develop the process manual which we will be using as our point of reference during our live phase and future communication with reporting and others.

How Does Communication Between Sunknowledge and us?

Just as you want it! We will be working as an extension of your operations. Your reliable arm! Right from reports that will be customized, daily/weekly/monthly communication over meetings via teleconference etc. You can just pick up the phone and get in touch with us anytime during the working hours decided.

How can we start working together?

We can start working immediately! Our team works on a dedicated model, we offer you a comprehensive transition period to know your protocols and will prepare the process manual for our point of reference. Kindly note that this will be roughly a two-week engagement and will be offered free of any charges.

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