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Medical Billing Services

It is true that medical billing services can never be a “one size fits all” solution. Every specialty has its own demands and you need the perfect partner with the right knowledge that understands your practice’s demands.

This is why Sunknowledge Services Inc. – an American-owned & operated RCM company, headquartered in Manhattan, New York and operating since 2006 – provides you a pool of skilled medical billers and certified coders, taking care of all your billing requirements. If you are looking for a secure, knowledgeable and responsive medical billing services company, seek no further.

Being the leading destination among all the top medical billing outsourcing companies, with more than 100’s of excellent industry references, Sunknowledge guarantees better efficiency, higher accuracy and better ROI with an improved billing approach.

What is Medical Billing?

Medical billing is a translation of a healthcare service or a treatment into a billing claim within the United States health system.

The process of submission and following up on claims with health insurance companies in order to receive the payment for the services provided by you as a healthcare provider, is collectively known as medical billing or medical billing services.

Typically, the job of a medical biller is to efficiently manage both the front and back end activities and ensure that the healthcare practice receives the required reimbursement for the work or services they have performed and provided.


Why Is Medical Billing So Critical For Your Revenue?

With the present demands and a tough labor market, along with ever-changing billing regulations, managing medical billing operations seamlessly for providers is becoming a serious challenge for many. In fact, providers are having to increasingly shift their attention from patient care to billing operations for better reimbursement. No wonder, more and more providers today are choosing to outsource medical billing services in order to continue working without worrying about staff crunches.

Medical billing outsourcing to an experienced team of medical billers can optimize revenue performance for a practice by easily ensuring a better ROI. And that’s where Sunknowledge, can make a real difference. We have an expert quality medical billing and coding team that will help you optimize your reimbursements faster. Moreover, we have been a reliable vendor that extends customized support in complete billing for medical services.

Currently working with some of the largest providers across the US, with trust and credibility in the healthcare billing sector, Sunknowledge today has been hailed as one of the best medical billing companies, providing comprehensive RCM solutions with the highest productivity metrics till date. In fact, we can instantly slash your healthcare billing costs by more than half with our comprehensive understanding of the healthcare billing mandates, UB-04 form, coding complexity, compliance requirements and more.

Are you ready to transform your revenue, eliminate all your administrative hassles and help you focus on what matters most, your patients?

Outsource medical billing to Sunknowledge Services Inc and see the difference!

How Can We Help?

Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr.* (all inclusive) guaranteed locked-in rate till 2026!

SK Benefits

Why Choose Sunknowledge?

• Highest Productivity Metrics in the Industry
• Our expert can meet and beat any price
• 70% Instant Reduction in Operational Cost
• Customized Reporting to Meet Your Specific Needs
• Dedicated Account Managers for Seamless Communication
• Reduction of the Accounts Receivable Bucket by 30% within 1 Month
• Highly Experienced Billers (4+Years) & (CPC Certified) Coders
• Proficiency across Multiple Practice Management/Client Proprietary Systems
• 100’s of Excellent Client References
• 100% HIPAA Compliance
• Liability Insurance Coverage of $5M

Our Complete Medical Billing Service List

• New Patient Entry
• Eligibility and Benefits Verification
• Prior Authorization
• Medical Coding
• Claims Submission
• Rejection Management
• Payment Posting
• Accounts Receivables Follow-up
• Denial Management
• Customer Service

Trust Our Medical Billing Services To Transform Your Revenue Cycle Management

Physicians and Providers across the country are struggling to find quality medical billers and medical coders that can relieve them of their administrative worries. It is a specialized function that needs intervention of quality experts who can make your claims error-free, thus minimizing denials.

Quality medical coding professionals ensure that the codes are applied correctly to every claim across the entire medical billing services. Medical codes translate the clinical documents into standardized codes and inform the Payors about

• Diagnosis of the patient
• Medical necessity for the supply, treatment and services
• Supplies, services and treatment extended to the patient
• Any medical condition that influenced those services and treatment


Why Outsource My Medical Billing?

The simple answer is, to slash your operational costs, reduce administrative hassles and leave you with more time for what matters most – your patients. And yes, did we mention that you also enjoy better accuracy, faster recovery and more revenue in lesser time?

How Do I Send My Medical Billing Information?

We can get your medical billing information through EMR, which is the most preferred method or our SFTP server where you can easily upload your information from which our experts can download it easily. Being your operational extension, we further have complete transparency during the process of medical billing services.

What Is The Cost Of Your Medical Billing Services?

Our hourly charges are among the lowest that you will not find anywhere. We also provide custom pricing options. Contact us today at (646) 661-7853 for a custom quote.

What Exactly Do Medical Billers Do?

Taking care of all your submission and following up on claims with health insurance companies in order to receive the payment for the services provided, a medical biller helps in closing all your billing gaps quickly and efficiently. Helping you with pre and post billing services efficiently, our medical billing further works to generate a better ROI.

Are You An Established Medical Billing Company?

Sunknowledge Services Inc. has been at the forefront of medical billing services for more than a decade. We are 100% HIPAA & HITECH compliant, ISO 9001:2015 certified for Quality Management System and ISO 27001:2015 certified for Information Security Management processes.

So what is holding you back? Schedule a demonstration now on how we help you earn a competitive edge. We deliver what you need the most: Excellence and Consistency

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