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Submitting all your medical bills on time and getting those claims reimbursed on time is critical to effective revenue cycle management. Any provider will accept that finding someone to handle all your follow-ups with payers on time can be difficult. With the present situation quite scary with a staffing shortage, it is ideal to outsource your medical billing services to a reliable vendor with experience.

Looking to avail cleaner and faster claims at lesser costs? Get the Sunknowledge advantage right now! We understand the complexity of handling your medical billing and coding demands. Our team will help you focus on patient care, free you from any kind of administrative hassles, and will transform your flow of revenue.

Complete Medical Billing Services:

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Our resources delivering medical billing services understand the importance of on-time bills submitting with the correct information. Whether it is a patient encounter form or a superbill, we have a team that can handle it all. We are experts in documenting patient demographics and entering all the ICD-10 and CPT codes with proper modifiers including the right number of units as well as the date of service. Also, we ensure quality checks at multiple levels to ensure data accuracy.

Medical Coding Services:

We help you with all medical coding services. Our resources are certified and concurrent with the latest standards as per CPC. All you need to perform is a scan of your patient records and upload it on your FTP server and we will download it from there! Yes, it is that simple. Our team of medical coders will be working as an extension of your operations.  Our team does it all in

  • Audit Services on Medical Coding
  • Missing or incorrect ICD-10 diagnosis
  • Missing or incorrect CPT procedure codes

Medical Billing ServicesBenefits of partnering with Sunknowledge

Sunknowledge buys accounts receivable older than 180 days that nobody else would touch! We will even pay you up to 85% of the total claim value
Sunknowledge has been providing medical billing services with a collection rate of 97%.  Since we also do claim adjudication for insurance companies, we understand “both sides” of the process.
Sunknowledge can take care of your eligibility & authorization verifications and all front end work unlike any other medical billing Company
Sunknowledge has reduced denial rates from 30% to 3% for our clients.
Timely claims submission (within 48 hrs).
Our rate is as low as $7/hour (full-time employee).
Excellent references are available from the CEOs of our current clients. Sunknowledge has never lost a client since 2008.
We can work on almost any billing software and in every specialty.
Instant reduction of Operational Expenses by 80%
100’s of Client references from  leading healthcare providers and payers

Let us share how we set the perfect benchmark with our host of medical billing services. Our niche presence, versatility across systems makes us a champion RCM destination.

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