Software Services

The programming capabilities of Sun Knowledge Inc. can be broadly classified into three areas:

  1. Software Application Development Services
  2. Database Programming and ETL Services
  3. Software Testing Services

Software Application Development Services

Our Software development services deliver end-to-end software products and solutions from concept to programming and implementation to deployment. Our development services include custom software & application development, cloud-based enterprise & web application development.

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Our Software Development Services team uses the traditional waterfall model as well as more contemporary agile development methodology to build and deploy the solutions while adhering to the best industry standards and practices aiming to streamline business processes and expedite revenue growth.

Our experience and expertise in development and implementations of software solutions includes conceptualization, requirement gathering & analysis, designing, planning, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. We follow 3- tier MVC (Model-View-Controller) Enterprise Web Application architecture implementation frameworks.

Database Programming and ETL Services

Our expertise in Database Programming and ETL services are primarily in Health Care Facilities and Services domain works on various kinds of data various Rx Data, Lab Data, Pharmacy Data, Eligibility Data, Capitation Data, Adjustment Data, MMR & MOR Data, MAO Data, Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Data etc.

The Database Programming and ETL services  contributes to development of new concepts and designs in collaboration with business users, other IT service delivery teams to implement new services, or resolve the most complex issues/changes to existing services by maintaining strict compliance of client and regulatory standards and practices.

Our database services team are experienced in performing all standard, and several complex DBA functions including logical database design, physical database design, troubleshooting practices and resolves database issues across development, performance tuning, SQL coding and optimization techniques, monitoring and analyzing database performance and resource utilization across multiple databases to ensure system availability, develop CPU/Memory/Storage capacity projections and improve operational efficiency etc. We have been extremely successful in implementation of Data Integration Lifecycle Management (DILM) using effective Configurations Management, Version Management, Documentation, Deployment Management and Quality Management.

Software Testing Services

Our software testing services offers complete software testing and quality assurance service for web-based, cloud-based, mobile and desktop applications to ensure stability, accuracy and reliability of software. Our team adopts to the best practices in the industry which has enabled us to meet the diverse challenges. Our software testing services practice risk-based testing methodologies for correctly addressing Business, Project, and Technology risks. By adopting the right combination of testing processes, software tools & methodologies , technology expertise and domain knowledge we ensure that the software deliveries are defect free.
Our testing services team helps our clients to achieve their quality goals by thoroughly examining each one of them and define a set of steps supported by plans, strategies and methodologies in order to increase the quality of the delivered software, so that it meets its performance and reliability requirements.

We offer valuable guidance to our service-users on how to systematize, maintain and manage their software assets, consistently and faultlessly, throughout their life-cycle. Our competent IT professionals provide clients with an exhaustive range of solutions, allowing maximum cost-containment and addressing their business challenges effectively.

Our broad spectrum of software services includes:

  • Business Analysis and System Design
  • Technology Architecture Consulting
  • Application Software Development
  • Maintenance and Technical Support
  • Production Support
  • Troubleshooting and Issue Resolving
  • Managing Updates and Patches, and more!

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