Improve Your HME Billing ROI in 2021 with Sunknowledge Services Approach

HME billing process is a complex affair and for seamless billing process, healthcare practices not only need a complete process knowledge but other factors like software knowledge, keeping up with the ever changing regulation and even denial management process knowledge which is equally important. In fact, Sunknowledge Services Inc is one such RCM organization with more than 10 years of experience has the complete HME billing answer.

Tips to work on for better HME Billing Management Process:

  • Experience billers and certified coders – claims denied is the most frustrating part for any providers which often cause due to inexperienced billers and coders managing the billing process. With medical codes constantly changing all over the field it’s the work of coders to not only consistently be updated with new codes but also know the perfect tool that helps them increasing the rate of cleaner claims. In fact, Sunknowledge experienced billers and certified coders maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate not only are up to date with present industry mandate but are equally proficient with other billing activities while maintaining a high number of clean claims and maximize your revenue.
  • Complete Software knowledge – being proficient in different billing software is a must for seamless HME billing transactions. In fact, Sunknowledge experts are equally expert in working on any billing software like Brightree, Kareo, DME works, CPR + , Futura, Team DME and many more.
  • Accurate Claims management process – handling claims can be frustrating for many healthcare practices. As during the claims management process the person in charge should not only have to be up to date with the present billing mandates but also follow timely claims submission etc; as it reduces your chances of denial and rejection of claims improving efficiency and clinical workflow as well.

Helping you with a seamless HME billing transaction that not only helps you with 80% operational cost reduction but also reducing your accounts receivable bucket by 30% within the first month itself, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is one of the leading RCM organization known for the highest productivity metrics in the industry and excellent clients references.

So if you are looking for an improved HME billing in 2021, call our experts right away and find out how we can help you with a seamless HME billing process to improve your ROI.

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