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The process of submitting medical claims for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is known as dental sleep billing. OSA is covered under Medicare and most medical insurance policies. There are no dental codes for OSA, making medical insurance as the appropriate source for billing in dental sleep medicine services.

Dental sleep medicine is the fastest growing spaces in dentistry and can make dental sleep apnea treatment easily accessible for patients needing it. In fact there has to be several pieces of information to complete the puzzle. The proper protocols include:

➡ The diagnosis of OSA by a physician

➡ A prescription for an oral appliance by a physician

➡ Set of patient questionnaire including medical history, sleep history and Epworth Sleepiness scale

➡ Detailed documentation on exam findings

Staying in control of your data and claims status, managing each dental sleep medicine claim requires a specialized team. Shortage of resources in house can be a huge challenge for many and finding a top class team can be confusing.

➡ Sustaining a long term effort requires special understanding of the claims adjudication mandates.

➡ Also, exploring the right options, connecting the dots and eliminating practice management blunders are all about working with a quality dental sleep medicine billing Services Company.

It can allow you to implement dental sleep medicine faster and quite efficiently. Also, it gives viable options to reduce your operational expenses by working with someone that understands how to deliver as a consistent operational arm.

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Also, our client references, ability to deliver support across multiple dental sleep centers makes us a genuine healthcare services company.

Our team believes in delivering task specific support in checking of eligibilities, working on prior authorization, submitting claims on time, working on denials, collecting of accounts receivable, posting payments on time and likewise, Hire us for an uncompromising approach in dental sleep billing like none other. Our team has the versatility and competency to work across all major software platforms with complete credibility.

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