Understanding OBGYN or Gynecology Billing and its Complications

Obstetrics and Gynecology billing is a professional domain and can be challenging. This is mainly due to the wide areas that Gynecology has to offer like preventative care, surgery, family planning, obstetrics, and much more; that needs you to stay on top of the constantly changing government regulations and new codes for your practice to excel.

In fact, many providers are struggling to obtain seamless Gynecology billing especially today due to the global claims, widely varying coverage terms, and multiple tests performed at numerous facilities.

Frequent billing & coding errors in Gynecology billing:

➡ Incomplete documentation or paperwork

➡ Wrong codes

➡ Falling to notice separately billable services rendered during the global period

➡ Lack of understanding that pregnancy coverage is an amendment to an existing insurance plan

➡ Pregnancy coverage includes inpatient & outpatient services and is split between them

With such confusion, managing the billing operation often can take up valuable time out of your day, and impede both the quality and quantity of time spent taking care of patients. This is why Sunknowledge Services Inc is here to help.

How Can We Help?

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How Sunknowledge can make a difference?

obstetrics gynecology billingPartnering with Sunknowledge for your Gynecology billing ensures that the most critical financial aspects of your business are taken care and allowing you to focus on patient care and other areas of the business. Dealing with insurance companies, denied claims, collections, and patient payment compliance, we have the perfect plan to transform your Gynecology billing ROI in no time.

With an advanced level of understanding and knowledge to ensure optimum reimbursement, our staff has the training and experience to manage all your Gynecology billing needs. Providing tailored customized accurate Gynecology billing and coding services, partnering with us further ensures:

➡ Reduction in your operational cost by 80% immediately
➡ An accuracy rate of 99.9 %; reducing your chances of Gynecology billing and coding error
➡ Reducing in your Accounts Receivable Bucket by 30% within 1 Month
➡ No cost dedicated account manager constantly working to improve your ROI
➡ Robust reporting according to the client’s protocol ( daily, weekly and even monthly)

Our robust collection process has helped several providers maximize their revenue potential in a short turnaround time. Meeting the end objective of minimized accounts receivable days, reduced denials, and optimized collection results, we today are the leading RCM destination that caters to various provider’s billing needs

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