A Purposeful Laboratory Billing Action Plan with The Sunknowledge Practice

It is true that laboratory billing is quite distinct from any physicians or hospital billing process. It is clearly an interaction that happens between a pathology center and a clinical lab with a payer. From the specimens of a patient sample, the codes used by a lab include the required services. The labs carry out testing procedures for the samples provided by the doctor.

♦ Hence, collection of the right information from the doctor is pivotal to lessen any denials or rejections. The samples in labs are screened or prepared by qualified personnel of the laboratory. Hence, the lab technicians are quite bogged down with a lot of patient priorities and responsibilities.

♦ Also, there are other cases where the tests are conducted in a separate facility while the back office responsibilities are managed by a separate department. The pathologist will be engaging with the patient and perform evaluation and management services.

In such cases, they will be billing only for those services. Hence it is quite clear that laboratory billing requires specialized intervention. A quality laboratory billing and coding services company can implement the required checks and balances. Based on the type of services, laboratory billing can be categorized into two main types:

♦ Clinical laboratory Services: It involves the examination of the samples obtained from a human body for medical condition interpretation and to make a decision for diagnosis, treatment or prevention.

♦ Diagnostic laboratory Services: Diagnostic Lab services are different from other clinical tests. The clinical tests need a pathologist and a lab technician to interpret and run samples whereas a physician or a certified professional performs diagnostic services.

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The Sunknowledge Narrative – Laboratory Billing

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