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Sunknowledge Services Inc. is your next-gen partner for expert solutions in anesthesia billing. Our quality processes and dedicated resources have been delivering state-of-the-art solutions in claims adjudication to major health insurance payers & providers.

We provide our tailored solutions for anesthesia practices helping them gain more reimbursements with reduced TAT. Over the years, we have developed our specialization with an astute understanding of Payer processes helping you set the tone with better collections.

In an anesthesiology billing, anesthesia providers are paid according to a complex system consisting of base units, time units, and modifiers.

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Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr. (all inclusive)*.

In fact, today with the ever rising healthcare cost, complicated billing regulation and the mandatory reporting including appropriate modifiers; time units for actual administration and stringent coding process has further complicated the whole anesthesiology billing process and its reimbursements policies.

Anesthesia medical billing isn’t like other forms of billing that clinics and hospitals sector mostly encounter. As a seamless anesthesia billing process requires both stringent federal guidelines to be followed as well as the right anesthesia billing software for the perfect reimbursements. This is where Sunknowledge Services Inc can help.

How Sunknowledge Services is the perfect solution for your Anesthesiology Billing Services?

Helping you with seamless and efficient anesthesia billing solution our experienced billers are completely aware of modifier usage, using an appropriate billing process with no overpayments. In fact, ensuring a 99.9% accuracy rate in all the billing, our experts are equally proficient with different anesthesia billing codes and their software.

With the objective of achieving maximum reimbursements rate for our clients, our expert billers and coders have not only set a benchmark for the anesthesia billing services but also have the perfect proficiency handling all your anesthesiology billing problems and complications.

With stringent billing and coding practice in anesthesia billing partnering with Sunknowledge will also help you with:

Achieving the highest productivity metrics in the market
• An operational cost reduction of 75%
• The highest collection rate of 97%

Continuously being up to date to match the best practices in anesthesia billing and coding; our team focusing on reducing the rate of claims rejection and denial as well as ensures continuous follow-up, robust reporting according to our client’s protocol and complete operational transparency for a better billing outcome.

Decreasing the overhead as well as the operational cost, our expert continuously updates themselves with coding regulation ensuring a seamless billing transaction.

Why choose us and what difference we can make from other RCM organizations?

With our years of experience and resources, we are not only designed to meet all our clients’ needs but also ensure efficient revenue generation while offering benefits like:

• No-cost dedicated account manager with no extra hidden charges
• $1 million Hiscox/Geico Insurance coverage for any errors of Omission & commission
• No write-offs or adjustment are claims without the client’s consent
• 100s of excellent clients references
• We have our service charge as low at 1% of all collections

In fact, our complete anesthesia billing support includes:

• Patient Scheduling
• Eligibility & Authorization Verification
• Prior Authorization
• Medical Coding
• Charge Posting
• Claims Submission
• Denial Management
• Accounts Receivable Collections
• Payment Posting

Ride the growth wave with us!

We maximize your collections, eliminate your practice management loopholes, and guarantee you an advanced roadmap for business excellence.

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FAQ’s on Anesthesia Billing Services

Why is Anesthesia So Challenging as a Profession?

Always remember, it is not the surgeons that keep the patients but the anesthesiologists. Unlike other medical specialties, things can go seriously wrong in the profession. Hence the keen focus on patient care sets the tone for this profession.

How Much Complex is Anesthesiology Billing?

The Anesthesiologists have to provide directions to the CRNA or the AA and have to bill for the appropriate component of the procedure. The entire procedure is given base units for the complexity post which the number of units gets multiplied by a conversion value for a total charge. It is extremely complex for anesthesiologists to manage both care and billing simultaneously.

What is The Sunknowledge Difference?

As a next-gen RCM destination, we know how to drive your ROI. We have a complete understanding of the best practices of the industry and offer comprehensive assistance as a full-service destination. Our team knows it all about anesthesiology billing and knows how to get back your money on time.

How Can Sunknowledge Improve my Collections?

With an extensive understanding of the best practices of the industry, Sunknowledge knows how to deliver on time. Our team has an excellent understanding of collecting money from aging accounts receivable and follow a robust process of follow-ups. Also, we ensure a cleaner submission of claims according to timely filing limits which ensure improved collections on time.

What Are Your Prices?

At present, Sunknowledge extends both pre and post anesthesiology billing services at just $7 per hour or 1% of collections. We offer task-specific support in eligibility verification, prior authorization, claims submission, denial management, accounts receivable collections.

How Can We Start Working Together?

We work on a dedicated model, offer streamlined support and flexible contracts. Sunknowledge offers free transition support as well as a no binding contract which allows you to become our partner without any obligations. Ensure cash flow like never before with streamlined anesthesiology billing.

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