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Reduce the operational burden and focus on your core patient care by outsourcing it to us. Our team delivers end to end or stand alone support in billing for pain management at $7 per hour.

We have the exceptional ability to transform your revenue cycle! With Growing importance and increasing popularity, healthcare providers are expected to improve their patient experience. Being a demanding specialty, it is quite hectic to give importance and approach it with “a give it all” focus. Precisely, a lot of pain management billing services providers are outsourcing the billing work for solely concentrating on extending customized support to their patients.

Sunknowledge Services Inc is evolving rapidly as a dynamic pain management medical billing services partner. It’s been over a decade since; we have been delivering support to clinics, hospitals and healthcare providers by handling all the complexities in front end and back end for some of the leading names of the domain.

Our team has a proven track record in serving at unbeatable price and productivity standards for pain management services which has maximized revenue for our clients.

Here are the complete demonstrations of our pain management billing services on offer:-

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Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr. (all inclusive)*.

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Entry of Patient Demographics-01Entry of Patient Demographics
It is critical to ensure accurate and errors free patient information with demographic entries for reducing the chances of denials of your claims. Even smallest of the errors can get your claim rejected in the long run. Our ability to get all the details entered down correctly is what sets the benchmark for hassle free practice management.

Insurance Verification/ Eligibility Checks
We have a robust process in place with a pool of authorization experts that check patient information, audit the documents and perform all the desired benefits verification tasks. Our niche presence, ability to check all the incorrect or non entries and getting the authorization approved on time, reducing the chances of claims rejections.

Coding-Services-for-Pain-ManagementCoding Services for Pain Management
Our CPC certified coding experts have in-depth knowledge of the latest updates in the world of ICD 10, CPT or the HCPCS. Our ability to understand individual payer processes, doing all the coding or the diagnosis or procedural mark ups as per payer protocols, makes us a champion destination to eliminate any erroneous medical coding which may risk your payments.

Entry-of-Patient-Demographics-01-1Billing Charge Entry for Pain Management|
We are the masters in entering all the accurate payment details or expenses into the system as per the treatment of the patients. Our use of charges or modifiers are checked several times before a formal approach is taken on filing the claims which ensures that the data is error free and has all the needed information for its processing.

Claims-Submission-for-Pain-ManagementClaims Submission for Pain Management
To submit all the claims promptly, we check and verify all the necessary information that are provided by our clients. Our team ensures that the payments get received on time with minimum hassle in maintaining cash flow. Our submission of claims happens only when we are confident of its realization by the insurance.

Rejection analysis on Pain Management-01Rejection analysis on Pain Management
Our team finds out the exact reason for rejections and fixes the main reasons. Our team corrects all the inconsistent information and provides all the necessary requirements so that a claim can be corrected for resubmission.


AR-follow-up-for-Pain-ManagementAR follow up for Pain Management
Right from handling all your timely filings, working on your aging accounts receivable bucket, we have a complete plan in place on how to follow up with your payers for collections. It is tiring to find the right team that knows how to handle AR recovery. We know what it takes to bring back all your money on time.

Why choose Sunknowledge for Pain Management Billing Services?

If you are looking to earn a competitive edge with streamlined pain management billing services, we have the perfect approach for you! We deliver it all with

Affordable Pricing-01Affordable Pricing
With experience of over a decade and a half in delivering excellent revenue cycle management support to the best, Sunknowledge delivers stand alone or end to end support at $7 per hour or starting from 1.49% of collections.


Highest Productivity Standards-01Highest Productivity Standards
Our niche presence, ability to work under pressure and deliver to your TAT, we are the one stop destination and have the highest productivity standards in the entire RCM space. We know how to make things work for you at next door rates and with trust and excellence.


Dedicated Assistance-01Dedicated Assistance
We will be assigning a dedicated account manager who will be your single point of contact. Our flexibility stems from the fact that we have multiple contacts responsible to deliver support that meets your protocols and practices. Our process manual is designed to work according to your daily/weekly and monthly demands.


Excellent testimonials References-01Excellent testimonials/References
At present, we have more than 100’s of references from some of the top most names in the pain management space. Speak to our team and come to know how we reduced their overall operational costs by 70% as a reliable operational partner.


Sunknowledge Services Inc is committed to delivering unmatched pain management billing services to providers with an enviable track record. We have been a world-class RCM services vendor and are proud in contributing to their growth. Speak to us and come to know what makes us unique in keeping the ball rolling for you!


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