Understanding The Nerve of Neurology and Its Billing Complication

Neurology is a complex specialty that deals with the treatment, disorder and diagnosis of the nervous system. It mainly covers all diseases affecting the central and peripheral nervous systems. The neurology problem is dealt by neurologists and neuro-surgeons either through non-surgical or surgical methods.

Being an intricate specialty today most providers struggle to obtain maximum reimbursement, as even a slight error in managing the billing operation can result in large amounts of money being lost by the practice.

What Are The Common Neurology Billing  Errors?

Managing Neurology billing can be quite confusing, mainly when it comes to coding. This is because, with a hundred codes available for coding neurology and neuromuscular tests, misunderstanding is a common blunder. In fact, applying the right code from over a hundred codes available is quite a challenge.

Furthermore, with the constant changing of Medicare regulations and policies related to neurology medical billing, handling seamless billing operations is quite a trouble.

This is why Sunknowledge Services Inc is here to help.

How Can We Help?

Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr. (all inclusive)*.

sunknowledge advantage

Sunknowledge – the ultimate way out for managing confusing neurology billing and coding practice:

neurology billing

Offering you our state-of-the-art technology solution to many leading names in the industry today, Sunknowledge is here to help your resources to focus more on patient care while we take care of your financial stability and growth. We aim to increase revenue and decrease the error rate while improving your entire revenue cycle in one month’s time. Following the latest rules & regulations of neurology billing & coding for the last 15+ years, we have helped many in achieving improved clinical and operational efficiency.

With a pool of expertise to bill all your neurology claims correctly, our experts ensure rigorous follow-up on any denied or unpaid claims; so you don’t miss out money on the table.

What makes us different from other RCM destinations?

With a pool of excellent billers and certified coders working to improve the payment collections, avoid audits and reduce claims denials, we offer other benefits like-

  • Improved collections and income
  • Our experienced and highly qualified neurology billing team seamlessly navigates through the intricacies involved in neurology billing
  • Help you receive maximum return on your claims.
  • Round-the-clock assistance
 Software Sunknowledge offers to manage seamless neurology billing practice:

Being proficient in working on various software Sunknowledge today has expertise in-

  • Brightree
  • Kareo
  • Advanced MD
  • Healthfusion
  • Nextgen
  • Athena
  • eClinicalworks
  • GE Centricity
  • Avant MD
  • AllScripts and more
Other advantages of partnering with Sunknowledge:
  • 97% first pass collection rate with 100% of claims submission on the same day
  • 80% increase in collections and improvement in the A/R bucket
  • A sharp reduction in denials and rejected claims percentage
  • Dedicated resources ensuring complete transparent procedures and charges; saving you both time and money

Helping you focus on what’s important like patient care and forget all your neurology billing and coding errors and complex affair of coding problems, we are expert in catching errors and mistakes that your staff might miss. Ensuring the maximum reimbursement for your practice, we can help you grow your neurology practice in no time.

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