Ensure Complete Support in HME Billing This Deductible Season

Is your billing team for HME services ready to take on the deductible season? Even after taking the bids for 16 categories that too for 130 competitive bid areas of Round 2021 , the CMS has said that the contract for knee braces and off the shelf categories.

It is true that a lot of things have changed during this one year. The complex operating systems are expensive for DME suppliers making it quite difficult to explore and expand. The market is open and if you are looking to earn a competitive edge, you need a reliable partner that can take your payments to the next stage.

The biggest challenge for many is to look for a perfect partner that can elevate your payment process, help you earn dividends and improve your reimbursements in the long run. The last thing you want is to fall back on your payments, high daily sales outstanding volume that deters you from accelerating your ROI in the best possible manner.

Sunknowledge Eliminates Practice Management Challenges

State of the art processes, automation and a niche ability to deliver support in both pre and post HME billing is what sets us apart from the rest. At present, our team has been catering superior support right from eligibility checks, prior authorization, order entry and confirmation, claims submission, denial management, accounts receivable collections and payment posting.

At just $7 per hour or 2% of collections, our team delivers comprehensive support that optimizes your ROI. If you are looking for a perfect partner that brings in innovation, reduces your operational expenses by almost 80%, we are your one stop destination.

Hire us for a complete transformation in your cash flow like never before! We are just a call away and have the ability to bring your payments back, eliminate your revenue cycle management challenge as a 100% HIPAA compliant destination. Looking to know more on how we deliver customized support, our experts will be glad to give you a complete demonstration right now.

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