DME Billing With Advanced Technology by Sunknowledge Services Inc

Today one of the most common requirements that most of the healthcare practices have is a better ROI at a faster rate while they can provide undivided attention and complete care towards patient management and being in the billing industry for more than a decade have made us one of the leading RCM solutions in achieving it.

Working for both the payer and providers for years has made our experts equally proficient in handling more than 28 specialties and using organizational data effectively as well as applying intelligent analytics/ artificial intelligence, advanced technology to execute their business processes optimally.

Improving the financial aspects, we today are one of the RCM that caters to both pre and post DME billing work while reducing the operation cost by 80%. With our advanced technology and experienced billers and certified coders, we further ensure seamless conversion of data into actionable insights. Helping you in achieving a higher level of automation and accuracy rate through our advanced technology and intelligent analytics/ artificial intelligence we further have a track record of achieving a 99.9% accuracy rate; reducing the chances of errors and denial and rejection of claims than any other RCM operational extension can ensure. Delivering better outcomes at a sustainable cost which is as low as $7 per hour, our experts are equally proficient in different billing software as well like Brightree, DME works, Futura, CPR +, Universal and many more.

Taking complete responsibility for your DME billing, Sunknowledge Services Inc take care of all your:

  • Data entry which is entering all the information of the required patients, providers, insurance, items, etc correctly
  • Eligibility verification for the orthotics billing process which is assisted by expert billers through online as well as calling
  • Faster Prior authorization with patients calling
  • Doctor’s office follow up for relevant documentation that needed for the process
  • Re-authorization when necessary
  • Confirmation of all the order
  • Scheduling of the delivery
  • Claims management starting from timely claims submission, continuous follow-up, etc
  • Rejection management
  • Payment posting auto with and without audit as well as manual
  • Account receivable follow up
  • Account receivable as well as denial management and many more

Providing you a complete operational transparency, with our advanced technology for your DME billing our experts further focus on your pain points ensuring a better billing management process while reducing the overall time and money spent on it. So, if you are looking for a seamless DME billing solution that can improve your productivity metrics in no time, get in touch with us right now.

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