Sunknowledge Approach To Avoid Mistake in Anesthesia Billing

Anesthesia billing can be a tricky and confusing affair if not conducted properly, since, within anesthesia charges are often billed and paid separately from the actual procedure; resulting in a lot of errors.

In fact a billers and coders with no experience in anesthesia billing experiences major problems in the billing and coding process or issues like:

Erroneous or inexact recording of start and stop time
Being unaware as well as waiting to confirm that the patient’s insurance will cover the procedure.
Entering incorrect codes resulting in coding errors
Improper data management like not properly documenting the procedure or not having clear documentation on which type of anesthesia was used and carrying that information through to the billing stage.
Including additional or ancillary services
Not defining the services clearly

However, with Sunknowledge Services Inc you can not only avoid all your anesthesia billing errors but also have a seamless billing process with a faster reimbursement rate. Helping you improve the efficacy of your practice as well as helping you with proper care management, Sunknowledge Services today, is one of the leading RCM solution with more than 100s of clientele list in DME, HME , orthotics, prosthetics, CPAP, infusion anesthesia domain with the highest productivity metrics in the industry.

Sunknowledge: way to seamless Anesthesia Billing solution:

With a pool of experienced billers and certified coders, our experts not only manage the data entry process carefully but also adequate monitoring direct doctor office follow-up etc ensuring the data is recorded precisely. Avoiding billing and coding errors by maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate, our experts are further CPC certified and deeply experienced with anesthesia billing while been regularly updated with the present industry mandates and different billing software as well like Brightree, Kareo, Futura, DME works, CPR + and many more.

With complete knowledge of every anesthesia code, modifier, qualifying circumstance, and anesthesia type, our expert with proper claims submission also reduces the rate of errors in your anesthesia billing as well.

How we are different than other Anesthesia Billing RCM?

In fact, partnering with us further helps you with 80% operational cost reductions,
30% reductions in your AR bucket
Customized reporting with no cost dedicated account manager
Liability insurance coverage of 2 Million Dollars, with a million dollar coverage per incident
No binding contract etc

So, if you are looking for a seamless anesthesia billing management at a cost effective rate, we are the perfect end.

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