Maximizing Revenue for your Urgent Care Billing

Patient payment trends, changes within coding and billing guidelines, shift in regulatory compliance and increased demand for Urgent Care centers, have reshaped the Urgent Care billing operations. With increasing patient volume and growing clinical responsibilities, handling the extensive billing process can be daunting. Several practices have lost potential revenue due to numerous errors in billing and coding.

So how can you protect your revenue?

Simple, you need a holistic action plan to steer clear of the challenges in Urgent Care billing.

How is Urgent Care Billing Different?

Whether you look at Urgent Care facilities from a care-giving perspective or the aspects of coding complexities, these facilities are very different from a Primary Care or emergency care setting. Several patients choose Urgent Care due to its short wait time and easy accessibility to services. Despite this, you might find your practice’s revenue is stagnant and showing no sign of improvement, besides struggling with billing and coding errors.

Though the billing operations for Urgent Care and Primary Care are almost the same, there are few codes that are specific to Urgent Care only. These are known as ‘S’ codes, and except for Medicare, all Urgent Care can fall under two main categories for billing.

  1. S9083: This code, specific to Urgent Care, allows providers to charge a global fee regardless of the medical services provided. However, due to its reliance on a global fee scale, it results in the same reimbursements for both minor and major services. Specific Managed Care Organizations in states like Florida and Arizona mandate this code for accurate Urgent Care billing.
  2. S9088: An Urgent Care center’s services are often identified by this code. This classification acknowledges the distinct services offered by Urgent Care facilities while enabling you to claim for medical diagnosis and treatment. To guarantee correct invoicing, this code must be used in conjunction with assessment and management services. Additionally, this enables you to get paid right away for a percentage of the services you provided.

If you lack knowledge and understanding about the applicability of these codes in your billing process, you pose a potential threat to your revenue.

Optimize Urgent Care Billing

With rise in patient volume, maintaining a balance between patient-care and administrative tasks within urgent care facilities can be demanding. On top of that, the intricacies of the services and coding guidelines make it more complex for providers like you. Handling Urgent Care billing services all by oneself, especially when the required skill and expertise is lacking, is not a good idea when it comes to maintaining functionality and financial stability. You can partner with a medical billing and coding organization providing outsourced services who can streamline your billing operations while you work on your core competencies.

Take a Step Ahead with Sunknowledge

Our team of Urgent Care billers and coders has developed a smart strategy over the years to work as a reliable partner on improving your bottom-line collections. We have excellent references, and understand what it takes to maximize your Urgent Care billing revenue. Our virtual assistants can take care of your overall revenue cycle management process – right from front-desk tasks to managing claim submissions to managing denials through payment posting. Choosing the right partner that can enhance operational efficiency is essential to maintain financial stability of your practice. You can talk to our team of experts to learn how we eliminate errors in your revenue cycle management and navigate your ROI. Partner with us for a rationalized medical billing and coding approach in your Urgent Care facility.