Enhancing The World of Laboratory Prior Authorization Activities

A lot of challenges become quite difficult with prior authorization for laboratory services. Most insurance companies are now looking for prior authorization for certain molecular laboratory testing and genetic services.

Every insurance company has specific medical criteria for genetic testing even is prior authorization is not a requirement. Today, the essence of any clinical service is effective patient engagement methods. Patients need effective understanding of what are their out of pocket expenses and what are their deductibles and co pay needs.

How is Prior Authorization for Laboratory Services Obtained?

Upon receipt of the patient lab order and sample, Sunknowledge Services Inc will contact the insurance company to verify the eligibility and benefits along with the prior authorization requirements. Also, our experts will be coordinating with the physicians for submission of all the critical documents to the insurance company for requesting a prior authorization review.

After the prior authorization case has been approved by the insurance company, we will be updating the billing outcome in the PM system. After that any laboratory testing service will be beginning.

What are Physician Responsibilities with Laboratory Prior Authorization?

To qualify for coverage, physicians need to obtain advanced approval from any insurance plan before a laboratory test in ordered. Most payers require need prior authorization for outpatient molecular and genetic laboratory tests. Reducing your operational expenses is all about finding the right partner that can manage in and out of your laboratory prior authorization process.

The Sunknowledge Excellence

See more patients; collect more revenue with our tailored support in the laboratory prior authorization services. We have excellent references from some of the giants across the industry and deliver all-in-one eligibility verification, prior authorization services all under one roof.

Our certified prior authorization experts will be optimizing your revenue cycle and will streamline your pre authorization workflows. We take care of all your practice management demands so that your physicians and staff can focus on high value work on keeping your patients happy and healthy.

Right from eliminating any process loopholes in your reimbursement efforts, we contact the insurance company, get in touch with the physicians, collect all the important documents on time and update the auth outcome in billing system of the client. Our team has all the versatility to deal with all leading practice management systems. Also, we are equally competent to work across all client proprietary systems.

Contact us for exclusive support in laboratory prior auth. We are experts with handling your front end RCM works with consistency and trust. Find what makes us unique in the entire world of healthcare revenue cycle management services.

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