How to Improve Your AR Collection in Orthotics Billing

Today a streamlined accounts receivable (AR) collection method is extremely essential for any medical care provider whether it is a DME, HME, prosthetics or even, an orthotics supplier. Having an optimized AR management system for orthotics billing is an effective means for maximizing income and preserving a stable financial standing for your company.

And at Sunknowledge, we know it better than anyone. Here are some tips for enhancing your accounts receivable collections for a better Orthotics billing approach:

  • Ensure accurate verification of patient insurance – Incomplete or inaccurate insurance details provided by patients often lead to denied claims and unpaid balances in your Orthotics billing transaction. To prevent this, prioritize verifying and updating patient insurance information every time. Train your staff to meticulously collect and verify insurance information during patient registration, leveraging electronic verification methods whenever possible to minimize the risk of human error.
  • Establish transparent payment guidelines – Ensure that payment expectations are communicated clearly and consistently, right from the start. Before providing services, furnish patients with estimates of their out-of-pocket expenses and elucidate payment protocols, including deadlines and acceptable payment methods. Additionally, it’s imperative to follow up on outstanding balances, while reminding about payment obligations and offering supplementary payment alternatives, if needed.
  • Establish a robust denial management protocol – Denied claims pose a significant threat to your revenue and can prolong AR collection timelines. To counteract this, consider implementing a robust denial management strategy. This strategy should encompass tracking and assessing denials, pinpointing underlying causes, and implementing corrective measures to diminish the frequency of denied claims.

For simplification, contemplate utilizing specialized management software or outsourcing to a medical billing company with expertise in denial management.

Optimize Your Orthotics Billing with Sunknowledge:

Managing all of the above requires a constant and dedicated employee taking care of all your Orthotics billing needs. Running a seamless orthotics billing operation, in fact, is not only time consuming but also susceptible to errors. This is why outsourcing these processes to an RCM expert like Sunknowledge is the most cost-effective and convenient way out to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and reduce administrative costs.

A proficient medical billing company like us not only can furnish you with the expertise and resources essential for refining your collections processes, minimizing claim denials, and maximizing revenue. This approach also liberates your staff to concentrate on patient-care and other critical responsibilities.

If you are looking to improve your Orthotics billing, or you need assistance in refining your collections, do not hesitate to contact us. Sunknowledge has a proven track record of aiding numerous providers in transforming and improving their practices, and we intend to do the same for you.