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Changing mandates with insurance regulations, issues with overhead costs are all creating huge challenge for orthotics and prosthetics suppliers. You need a reliable partner that can reduce your overall costs in operations by serving as a genuine extension of your practices. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find someone that can deliver it all and reduce your overall expenses.

What you need is a genuine orthotics and prosthetics post billing company that can eliminate all your errors once and for all. At these testing times, rely on Sunknowledge Services Inc for unparalleled support that can transform your flow of reimbursement.

We deliver at a time where others are failing to extend quality resources. Our team has world class standards, superior resources that will accelerate your orthotics and prosthetics post billing demands. We have over 100’s of client references from some of the largest Orthotics and Prosthetics suppliers in the country.

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Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr.* (all inclusive) guaranteed locked-in rate till 2026!

 Services covered in Orthotics and Prosthetics post billing

Top-Class-Information-Security-StandardsCollection of complete Rx : We have a team that collates, collaborates and assimilates all information with Rx documents. Our team will make sure that no information is missed that will deny your claims in the long run. Also, we will conduct all back and forth mechanism with information sharing and collection.


Customized-and-Scalable-SolutionsClaims Submission: Our team will be working closely with reorder invoices and claim documents as per specific payer preferences. We will do all that is necessary that will contribute to the speed of processing of claims. After ensuring that no information is missed on your digital and paper documents, we file the claims electronically as per the specified format.


Affordable Pricing-01Denial Management: We will work on any denials, find the root cause of the rejection and resolve your challenges. Our team will be working on any underpayments and denials by filing appeals and rectifying the errors. Also, we will ensure that the mistakes are not repeated again and will lower DSO volume significantly. Managing your denials will be our immediate responsibility.


Affordable-rates-at-the-highest-productivityAccounts Receivable Follow up: We will work on all your current and aging accounts, reduce the challenges with our specialized intervention. Our versatility and competence across multiple practice management systems helps us collect your aging accounts. We will realize all your payments by streamlining the A/R bucket with our team of experts.


Excellent testimonials References-01Payment Posting: We will make sure that all your data is error free. We will be collecting all the EOB’s on time and will be updating the values for record keeping. Every detail of the payments and explanation will be analyzed in depth so that it can be reconciled and updated correctly.


Reach our experts and come to know why we are unique in our delivery of customized orthotics and prosthetics post billing services. We deliver the needed customization and extend all the required assistance and help you do what you know best, taking care of the patients! We have the team that can extend it all with consistency and trust!

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