Aiming for the Best Coalition to Transform Orthotics Billing

According to a new survey done on hospitals, post-acute care organizations and healthcare systems, almost 15% of the claims submitted get denied by private payers. It is also been noted that 3.2% of the same also include those that had been pre-approved through the authorization process before.

  • On March 22, it is expected that United Healthcare Group which is Change Healthcare’s parent company will be initiating a process of paying $14 billion in claims following the recent cyber attack. Finding balance among your systems, compliance, processes, resources and your patients is a serious challenge, and Orthotics providers are no exception!
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the country will be facing a shortage of 195,400 nurses by the year 2030. The number of openings for home health and personal care will be increasing by 37% by 2028. Exploring options with a quality orthotics billing company can do wonders to your possibilities if you are genuinely seeking a definitive competitive advantage.

A lot depends on choosing a decisive partner who knows how to bill for custom orthotics. Someone who is aware of the latest Medicare orthotics billing guidelines can be of a huge benefit. It helps you as a provider to lower your costs, focus more on patients and finally get the financial compensations you deserve for the services rendered.

How Outsourcing of Orthotics Billing Work

At the onset, someone with a clear understanding of the latest processes resolves your practice management blunders in the best manner. Choice of a quality partner can make things transparent and help you stand the test of time and gain a genuine competitive advantage.

  • A competent partner also helps in reducing your front-end challenges and helps you perform all your prior approval work with consistency, setting the tone for a cleaner recovery of your orthotics billing dues. However, choice of a top-class partner can be a tricky proposition and as a provider you must circumspect your choices before signing on the dotted line.
  • To start with, you must invest some time and know how your prospective partner works with other providers in your business. What are their credentials? Do they provide relevant references to speak and follow the best practices? Such considerations will provide an excellent roadmap to find out the value proposition an orthotics billing company puts forth to the table.

Further, understanding how they dive deep to deliver customized assistance is something of great value. It makes things a lot more transparent and helps you sustain your operations on a solid footing. Hence, it is always pertinent to work with an experienced partner with an optimum orthotics billing understanding.