How To Ensure a Transparent Urgent Care Billing Process

Everyone has been talking lately with the impact that this pandemic has had on urgent care. Some of you may have cut hours while the others were pushed to the huge influx of patients. Presently, every patient that you see can become a repeat patient. As the testing wanes, you have to supplement your revenue with the other types of visits. Getting people to come back is all about the first impression and the engagement that you create as an urgent care clinic. Online scheduling, real time queues are so important today. Starting your process of urgent care billing even before the patient comes in! Sounds, difficult in an urgent care setting?

If you dedicate a process for your first time and the existing customers, you lay down a process, don’t you? In this new era of urgent care, setting up a clear link between perceived wait times, patient satisfaction and the level of service is critical.

What makes Sunknowledge a Powerhouse

Our ability to understand the urgent care industry, working with some of the largest gives us an edge to deliver it all. Our unique ability is doing it all with patient scheduling, posting the right charges, coding the right diagnosis and procedures followed, submitting the claim, managing the denials, collecting the pending accounts receivable. We are a complete urgent care billing destination and have excellent client references.

If you need a stand out partner that can work as your reliable partner offering all front and back end assistance, we are your ultimate choice. Give us an opportunity to share with you our client references on how we have reduced operational costs by 70% for the best in the industry.

One of our largest clients in New York are presently giving us more work as they know we have delivered it to them when it mattered, even at these testing times. Speak to us if you want a serious transformation in your cash. We deliver it where others fail even at these extraordinary times with a superior pool of urgent care billers and coders with expertise and experience.

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