Surefire Efforts To Synchronize Prior Authorization

Almost 70% of physicians still believe that it is confusing to determine whether a prescription needs a prior authorization or not. A whopping 60% reports that it is quite confusing to determine which medical service may or may not require prior authorization.

Almost a total majority of physicians still believes that prior authorization in itself hinders the continuity of care. Roadblocks with a process of prior authorization can be critically delaying procedures and can hamper the provider’s goodwill on all accounts.

The number of PA requests is only increasing and with the recent mandate any urgent request has to be expedited by the payers within 72 hours. However, there are still a lot of delays and a lack luster approach is only going to be catastrophic to the business chances of a healthcare provider. The able intervention of a specialized partner will be critical in assisting and helping you stand the test of time.

Sunknowledge Assures Advantage

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