Unveiling the Secrets of a Smooth DME Billing Workflow

Efficient durable medical equipment (DME) billing is pivotal for DME providers to maximize revenue and maintain compliance. The components of a DME billing workflow function as a precisely calibrated machine, moving the patient through each visit while gathering accurate data to submit claims.

If your claim denial rates are creeping up and outstanding patient accounts are showing no sign of resolution, you might need some maintenance within the billing workflow. To run the process smoothly you need to consider several factors along with better patient engagement and make sure your staff is equipped with accurate knowledge and understanding of the overall process.

Have You Considered these Aspects in Your DME Billing Process?

  1. Transparency in patient communication: Revenue loss due to claim denials is a major concern for providers within the industry. Develop clear and concise billing statements that are understandable by the patients. Avoid any kind of jargon and make the payment expectations clear to the patient. Always ensure to collect the copays and deductibles upfront to reduce the AR days of your DME practice. Furthermore, always focus on a prompt response to the patient inquiries and concern to build trust and improve patient satisfaction within the process.
  2. Updated patient information: Lack of accurate information and minor errors within the DME billing and coding documentation hinder the billing process. You need to collect correct information regarding the patient’s demographics, medical history, insurance coverage, and so on. Furthermore, you need to stay updated regarding any changes within the plan or medical necessity of the patient to maintain accurate documentation within the process.
  3. Regular internal audits: All your staff should understand the billing and coding process to maintain a streamlined billing process. If there is a knowledge gap among your in-house staff, it might get reflected in your revenue management and care quality. Furthermore, lack of understanding of the coding and billing guidelines of different payors can lead to billing and coding errors. This will ultimately reduce the reimbursements and even result in claim denials. A regular internal audit can help you understand the gaps between the standardized practice and the actual practice within your organization.
  4. Technology: Digitalization and advanced technology is paving the path of healthcare, and the DME industry is no exception. Have you considered advanced technology for patient information management and claim submission process? Well, if you still rely on manual processes while providing pre and post billing services, then it is the right time to focus on embracing appropriate technology that suits your requirements. Along with that, you can consider the implementation of data analytics within the billing and coding process to understand the overall performance of your practice. You need to identify and analyze key performance metrics like net collection rates, accounts receivable days and the like to understand the current situation of your practice. This way you can get rid of financial consequences that can hinder your revenue management.

Take a Step Ahead with Sunknowledge

A number of crucial factors demand attention to ensure seamless operations in DME billing. At Sunknowledge Services Inc., we cater for clients of all sizes. If you are a single provider or physician, seeking comprehensive billing support to mitigate your administrative burden and without having to bear the overhead of in-house staffing, outsourcing billing and coding services to us is ideal.

Collections can be time-consuming and deteriorate the patient-provider relationship. When it comes to durable medical equipment services, you need to focus on numerous services from patient intake to AR follow up. However, when you partner with us, we take care of your revenue cycle with utmost transparency. Through a thorough assessment of your operations, we identify your needs and provide you with tailored services for better reimbursements. We offer customizable services at only $7 an hour without any hidden charges, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. 15+ years of experience of working with both payers and providers allows us to bridge the gap between the stakeholders in DME practices. We have worked with some of the largest providers within the country with great references and versatility. Experience our 7-day free trial for all your medical and DME billing needs. We will simplify your DME reimbursement journey so that you can focus on providing the highest quality care.