Sunknowledge Sets The Standards in DME Billing

The best part of partnering with Sunknowledge Services Inc is that we go beyond the boundaries of just medical billing & collections. At present, almost 50% of our business revolves around DME billing. We provide our specialized intervention with a lot of activities that we do for pre billing activities in order entry and confirmation services. Also, ensuring accuracy of 99.99%, Sunknowledge Services Inc. shares a great plan of action in CPAP compliance.

With a tracking and counseling process, we are a forerunner when it comes to guiding your patients. We help in upgrading your care management efforts with our disciplined efforts that translates to better collections in due course.

Our 360 degree approach in DME billing will demystify the pain areas with great accountability. Believing that better CPAP compliance translates to improved collections, our resources address pain points in CPAP compliance by providing extensive counseling services to the patients and have successfully increased compliance rate from 40% to 80%.

Our team will help you in implementing the right checks and balances that will eliminate your proven challenges with everyday practice management/ revenue cycle management priorities in the best possible manner. As a 100% HIPAA compliant organization, we deliver complete DME billing services support. Also, we offer all our services with front end / back end billing activities on an a la carte basis. Our full range of services in DME billing comprises of

Order Processing

♦ Order Entry
♦ Eligibility Verification and Authorization
♦ Doctor Office Follow-up
♦ Order Confirmation
♦ Scheduling of Delivery

Billing & Collections

♦ Creation of Claims
♦ Claims Submission & Rejections
♦ Cash Posting
♦ A/R Follow-up
♦ Rejection & Denial Management

Let us know your challenges and demonstrate how we can eliminate your challenges with DME billing for elevated cash flow. Our team is proficient across all practice management/ billing software used for DME billing. Also, we are equipped to work with any proprietary platform that you are using. Our seamless standards with communication, a tested business transition process to develop a manual for working according to your protocols will provide you an edge. Let us talk and we promise , our team will provide you tailored support in DME billing.

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