Revenue Cycle Management – The SunKnowledge Way

In this age of complete monitored and technology-based financial process in the healthcare industry, it is vital for the healthcare facility providers to have an end to end revenue cycle management in place for an improved patient care structure while reducing the cost and have a healthy financial and operational backbone.

As your practice is focused on providing value-based care, you need an end-to-end solutions starting with the patient appointment to the final payment for services as a combination of services, technology, analytics and education, and thereby enhancing customer-experience as well as grow as an organization.

Revenue Cycle Management Process: SunKnowledge at Service

Sunknowledge Services Inc., one of the leading names in medical billing services since the last decade, presents you a complete revenue cycle management solution in a holistic approach. Here’s an idea of how Sunknowledge helps you in every step.

1. Patient appointment: We handle all the required scheduling, checking insurance eligibility, and verification to establish the patient’s account.

2. Preregistration: Checking the patient’s account, taking down details of medical histories, and aligning the information with insurance coverage to establish the pre-registration process.

3. Initiating cases needing prior authorizations.

4. Creating claim after the procedure and duly submitting it.

5. Taking care of all the back-end tasks involving payment posting, statement processing, collections, and handling claims denials, and resubmitting those to complete reimbursements.

6. Collecting charges from the patients for service rendered or materials used in the procedure outside the coverage eligibility.

With 100% HIPAA compliance and state of the art tools, Sunknowledge is always evolving to achieve the highest standard of service excellence. Here are some of the many benefits Sunknowledge offers your practice:

♦ 80% Reduction in Billing Costs
♦ Dedicated account manager
♦ Low fee standalone services at $7 per hour
99% accuracy
♦ Increased revenue collection up to 97%
♦ Unsurpassed speed
♦ No binding contracts
♦ 100s of clients with excellent references
100% HIPAA Compliance
♦ Fully supported by Hiscox Insurance
100% client retention
♦ Daily/Weekly/Monthly customized reports
♦ Clients’ legal issues handled by Nixon Peabody
97% collection guarantee
♦ Free telemedicine platform

With so much to offer, SunKnowledge is the perfect partner for you to achieve your dream of seeing your practice stand tall in the healthcare industry!

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