Sunknowledge: The Destination for End to End Revenue Cycle Management Assistance

A next gen healthcare services company, Sunknowledge has been providing quality medical billing solutions to leading providers. We are currently working with DME providers, urgent care centers, nursing homes, specialty pharmacies, hospitals, primary care centers, rehabilitation centers, pain management, physical therapy, radiology practices etc and providing them our end to end revenue cycle management support. We also are an expert solutions provider of streamlined practice management assistance with proactive eligibility verification and prior authorization services.

We are a 100% HIPAA compliant company and believe in working as your reliable operational extension. Over the last decade, Sun Knowledge has incorporated the best practices of our clients, understood their processes and it gives us the competitive edge to handle all your medical billing needs better than any other revenue cycle management company in the healthcare space. Also, our state of the art processes, expert resources that understand and has the proficiency across all major billing software platforms, give the needed transparency and boost to your accounts payable in the best possible manner.

Sunknowledge will also protect all your risks and any errors of omission and commission with Hiscox insurance. We are also working with Nixon Peabody, one of the best legal firms of the country that will help you with any future legal conflicts. Sunknowledge , with our proven expertise will provide you the required support in claims submission, denial management, accounts receivable recovery, collections. We guarantee you a billing cost reduction of 80% and a collection increase of 97% with our functional best practices.

Partner with Sunknowledge for exclusive revenue cycle management assistance. We ensure that you of superior account management support, seamless communication standards and excellent customized reporting structure based on your tailored requirements. At present, Sunknowledge will be providing you a medical biller for just $7 per hour for a full time engagement.

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