How To Optimize Your Provider Credentialing Efforts?

Maximizing on your patient engagement efforts is one of the major areas of concern presently. If a patient comes with his insurance and finds you not covering the same, he or she will be opting for the one that will help them with the same.

The provider enrollment applications are the cornerstone of every successful medical credentialing process. Practices often fail to do the same as they may fail to fill the information accurately on the required data fields that eventually delays reimbursement and consequently raises the denials. Credentialing is the process of verifying the provider’s documents and check the validity of the same.

It includes the DEA, medical license and the malpractice insurance. The additional information that needs mention will be the Medical School, Internship or Fellow ship information, Board Certifications and the Provider CV. It is evident that as a healthcare provider, managing patients and taking care of the credentialing process in house can be quite an uphill task.

Sunknowledge Understands Your Credentialing Challenges

Over the last decade, we have served some of the largest providers of the country and have emerged as a next gen RCM destination. All our clients will be eligible for dedicated resources and coordinators who will ensure that all documentation is collected and processed as per the payer guidelines. We will make sure that as a provider you are able to utilize the patient’s insurance coverage and get paid for the medical services that are performed.

We have the ability to extend credentialing services to physicians, primary care practices, dentists, speech therapist s both physical and occupational, DME companies, hospitals and large healthcare facilities and a lot more. Right from on boarding, completing the applications, following up on the same, completion of the insurance approvals, we do it all for you.

Speak to our experts and come to know how we define your ROI goals with our reliable presence. Our team offers world class support at next door rates that optimizes your credentialing services in the best possible manner. Hire us if you want a complete revamp of your ROI goals like never before.

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