Maximize Your Prosthetics Billing Profitability

Profitability has always been an important concern for any business, and healthcare is no exception. And rarely has it been more pertinent than now. Profitability is a growing challenge faced by many US hospitals and healthcare systems today. In a recent study by Kaufman Hall – it is clearly shown that many institutions are currently grappling with some of the worst margins than ever. In fact, many hospital CFOs and operations leaders are being compelled to reassess their revenue cycle strategies. This is more seen in specialties like prosthetics, DME, orthotics because unlike other industries, these specialties historically lagged in digital transformation investments, leaving limited room for leveraging technology to streamline processes.

Addressing Billing Challenges across the Healthcare Industry

The revenue cycle in DME, orthotics and prosthetics billing heavily relies on manual processes, necessitating a sizable workforce to manage operations. However, modern revenue cycles are considerably more intricate, accommodating new reimbursement models, constant changes in regulations, different payer’s requirements; which can be quite daunting and challenging. This is where most of the practices are found to be heavily struggling. And this is why many CFOs and COOs are prioritizing operational and financial transformations and looking for alternative ways out like outsourcing, to ensure a better prosthetics billing outcome.

Sunknowledge – The Ultimate Revenue Cycle Management Partnership

At Sunknowledge, our partnerships have empowered clients to drive powerful operational enhancements. With a proven track record of timely revenue retrieval and a keen insight into operational cost reduction, Sunknowledge today stands out as the top RCM solution for specialties like DME, HME, orthotics, prosthetics billing and more.

Offering both pre and post prosthetics billing support at a competitive rate of just $7 per hour, the team comes highly recommended within the industry.

Some of the benefits we deliver include

  • End-to-End Outsourcing: Embracing a contingency-based partnership model allows our clients to concentrate on patient care while we deliver the necessary operational and financial outcomes to navigate challenging times.
  • Cost Savings: Rather than investing in costly workflow and robotic process automation, we have dedicated human resources ensuring seamless interaction with Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms, revenue cycle systems, and physician practice management software, so you experience a better ROI. Streamlining the workflow while adhering to the best practices, and facilitating scalability and productivity, our experts today carefully eliminate the burden of heavy capital expenditure on technology.
  • Global Delivery: We further possess the agility to swiftly scale revenue cycle operations easily. This ensures our clients access a qualified labor pool without grappling with labor shortages, all at a fraction of the traditional cost.

A proficient revenue cycle partner assumes full accountability for streamlining processes, employing robust workflow systems, and harnessing automation to drive efficiency. At Sunknowledge, we bring a wealth of experience, technical expertise, and a dedicated team to optimize your revenue cycle operations in no time.

So if you are looking to transform your prosthetics billing cycle experience, now is the time for you to seize the best opportunity and have an operational extension by your side. For more information, call us right away and our team will be in touch with you on a no-obligation discussion.