Consistent Reimbursements with Powerful Power Mobility Devices Billing

The intricacies with power mobility devices are lot more intense. PWC is a replacement during the 5 year use of an item that too in the same group of performance which might be previously covered by Medicare, an encounter of face to face is not needed.

  • Replacement for an item’s useful lifetime is limited to irrevocable damage from a genuine accident or disaster. The practitioner might conduct an encounter face to face or may refer it to a certified professional.
  • A miscellaneous instance is the use of custom power wheelchair base (K0013) has to be uniquely constructed or specifically modified for a specific beneficiary according to the description given by the treating practitioner.

Hence, it is absolutely clear, that planning for power mobility devices billing has to be done with complete adherence to Medicare and Medicaid Part B mandates. Hence choice of the pertinent power mobility devices billing partner is extremely critical.

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