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A next gen medical billing and collections company, we have been setting the standards for some of the leading clients in the DMEPOS space over the last decade. We are currently serving the best names of the industry in HME/DME/orthotics & prosthetics space with excellent references.Power Mobility Devices Billing

Our team of experts has the perfect understanding of the best practices of the industry and delivers the right performance with a disciplined understanding of the claims adjudication mandates.

We offer our seamless assistance in power mobility devices billing with an extensive understanding of what are needed to secure improved cash flow. In fact, our team has the niche ability offer versatile support in both front and back end revenue cycle management needs with great trust & excellence.

With an assurance of working as a reliable operational extension, our state of the art support in both pre and post billing is what makes us unique in the competitive landscape as we offer it all when it comes to handling your power mobility devices billing with ease and consistency.

Order Entry
♦ Eligibility Verification and Authorization
♦ Doctor Office Follow-up
♦ Order Confirmation
♦ Scheduling of Delivery

Billing & Collections
♦ Creation of Claims
♦ Claims Submission & Rejections
♦ Cash Posting
♦ A/R Follow-up
♦ Rejection & Denial Management

FAQ’s on Power Mobility Device Billing

Why Should You Outsource Power Mobility Device Billing?

The latest rate of improper payments for Power Mobility devices stands at a whopping 47% amounting to almost $3.7 million. Most of it is due to insufficient documentation and medical necessity errors. Outsourcing helps you in with a partner that does all the heavy lifting work at the front end that can transform your cash flow.

How Does The Process Work for Power Mobility Devices Billing?

Power Mobility devices fall under Part B of Durable Medical Equipment benefit. It involves all the work with checking of eligibilities, order entry, prior authorization, doctor’s office follow-up, claims submission, denial management, A/R collections and payment posting.

What Makes Outsourcing of Power Mobility Devices Billing so Effective?

The best companies offering billing support has extensive experience in billing for PMD’s. Also some work on a dedicated basis and not on a percentage model reducing operational costs by 70% and offering resources working at next door hourly rates. It helps you focus on your core responsibilities a lot better.

What are Your Operating Hours?

We work as per your clients need us to work for them. We have clients in the high-end Power Mobility space all across the country and that too with excellent references. You can get in touch with your team anytime at Sunknowledge.

Why Should I Switch to Your Service?

Experience, ability to offer niche support, and customized reporting makes us your ideal medical billing partner. We guarantee an instant reduction of operational costs by 70% and the collection increase of 30% to 40% within the first month itself.

How Long Does it Take to Get Started?

We can start immediately after the signing of the contract. The transition period will be a two week information sharing process that helps us understand your protocols and work in accordance. We offer a free transition support.

How Much do Your Power Mobility Billing Solutions Cost?

Our Power Mobility billing solutions are placed at $7 per hour. We offer dedicated resources and have the ability to offer both pre and post billing support as your reliable operational extension.

Partner with Sunknowledge for your Power Mobility Devices Billing

Providers are always facing increased difficulty in collecting the outstanding balances from the patients and are now expected to collect only 50% to 70% of a patient balance after a visit is made. Almost 36% of the patients have a balance which is due for more than 60 days.

Nearly, 73% of the providers reveals that it takes more than a month or even longer to collect the owed money. Providers need to have an increased focus on restructuring their RCM strategies. With the implementation of the right plan, technology and expert resources, it is possible to create an ideal billing experience!

Catering support that meets both pre/post billing needs for DME providers, Sunknowledge Services Inc has the perfect approach. The best part of working with us is our proficiency in working with all prominent software: Brightree, Kareo, OPIE, Fastrack, CPR+ HME and many more. Partner with Sunknowledge for a power mobility devices billing.

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