How To Employ Best Measures in Physician Billing

According to a report of American Medical Association (AMA) , the average cost to process a claim in the year 2021 was $1.91. Also, the time to receive the payments is huge factor determining the financial health of a provider.

  • The average time for payment in commercial insurance is 22.5 days while the average time of to payment in Medicare is 30 days. It means that the healthcare providers experience delays in payments that can impact their patient care in the long run.
  • Hence, finding a top class physician billing partner can be a huge factor determining the success of a physician center in the long run.
  • It helps a doctor and his staff to focus on what they know best, patient care than worry about processing claims that deter payments in the long run.
  • According to the latest report the rate of claims getting denied across all payers is almost 7%. It means out of every 100 claims submitted, 7 get denied.

The amount is humongous in the long run and actually costs huge to the healthcare industry. Hence, it is critical for a healthcare provider to find a dedicated physician billing partner.

The Benefit of Sunknowledge

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