Resolve Your Neurology Prior Authorization Headache with Sunknowledge Services

With the ever-increasing number of prescription Pa, the neurology prior authorization process often becomes a burden on practice staff presents a significant barrier to effective practice management and even to patient care management.

In the authorization process where a PA submission requirement varies by plan and by specific medication, approximately 66% of prescriptions get rejected at pharmacies themselves that needed a prior authorization and only 29% of people receive the originally prescribed product. In fact, due to complicated and other issues, 40 percentage goes under abandon therapy; wasting staff hours on a process and resources. This is in fact, one of the reasons why healthcare practices are seen outsourcing their neurology prior authorization process.

Sunknowledge- An Ideal Neurology Prior Authorization Destination:

Working on closing all your neurology prior authorization gaps faster and efficiently, Sunknowledge Services Inc for more than a decade of years is providing a complete seamless authorization solution to leading healthcare practices across the US. Taking complete authorization responsibilities and being one of the leading RCM solutions, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is known for:

  • Dedicated staffs– with more than a decade of experience in working on every aspect of a medical billing process, the Sunknowledge team not only consists of expert billers but also certified coders and no cost dedicated accounts managers helping you with a faster collection rate and seamless operation. Dealing with complex authorization requests in minimum time, our experts serve as a liaison for healthcare insurance providers and ensures timely claims, submission, approval, and continuous follow-up.
  • Ensure Proper Documentation– With complete and proper documentation Sunknowledge solutions ensures lesser errors in the authorization process and hence lesser rejection and denial of claims.
  • Highest productivity metrics – reducing the time which you end up spending on prior authorizations, our experts with great communication skills and complete understanding of the industry mandates ensure 80% operational cost reduction and 97% highest collection rate within the first 30 days from the billing date itself.
  • Streamline the Process– maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate, our experts further assure 3 prior authorization requests in an hour. With 100% PA submissions on the same day, we have a 95% approval rate for Prior Authorization.

So, if you are suffering or facing problems or need any assistance for your neurology prior authorization processes, Sunknowledge Services is delighted to help.

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