How to Recover from Losses in Urgent Care Billing

The untold story of Urgent Care Billing

Urgent Care centers across the U.S. have emerged as true frontline warriors in humanity’s war against the COVID-19 pandemic. The role they have valiantly played in providing care and assurance to the people cannot be refuted. There has been a sharp increase in the footfall as men and women have thronged in hundreds of thousands to get vaccinated, or get tested for possible COVID-19 infection, or to receive other kinds of medical care.

This sudden and unprecedented rise in the number of patients has made its impact felt on Urgent Care billing. A large number of Urgent Care practices have reported a loss of revenue as unpaid bills have mounted over time and there were not just enough billers available to submit claims on time. The worst days of the pandemic may be over, but the current rise in the rate of inflation is making things increasingly difficult for these facilities to turn around and repair the loss.

Strategy to Improve Billing Efficiency

The U.S. market is currently struggling with an acute shortage of skilled labor. Productivity has taken a major hit. Most Urgent Care centers are finding it very hard to match the salaries demanded by billers and coders, or keep operational expenses down. Faced with the prospect of sustaining further loss in revenue and getting their profitability severely compromised, a large number of Urgent Care centers are outsourcing their billing operations to low-cost, offshore billing companies.

Keeping operational costs down while improving collections is something that concerns every health care practice. And Urgent Care centers are no exception. Billing and collections comprise the lifeline of any business, and every care must be taken to ensure that it has the greatest efficiency. Strategic outsourcing to experienced and specialized billing service providers can help a practice achieve that easily. With professional intervention, an overall amelioration of the revenue cycle is noticed in most cases. Denial rates go down, collections go up and the entire revenue generation process is streamlined. And these are the kinds of benefits that are sure to excite any Urgent Care business.