Long Term Care Facilities Billing Services | LTC billing

Some basic rules with claims submitted for long term care facilities billing must be for a single month of service and have to be submitted in date sequence. Medicaid Room and the Board services provided by an LTC provider will be reported as revenue codes on the claim.

The monthly patient credit amount is applied to the fee for service LTC or Hospice claims on a first-come, first-serve basis. The patient credit amount is reported under a different value code. It is quite clear that experience in handling Nursing home/Long Term Care billing needs expert intervention and someone that knows how to handle pre and post efforts in the best possible manner.

Also, there are a number of enrollment and registration requirements which has to be met by a Long Term care provider and a nursing home. A quality team that knows in and out of working with Long Term Care billing adds the right value and offers comprehensive support. However, finding someone that delivers tailored support will be a hard find.

How Sunknowledge Adds Trust and Value: Long Term Care Facilities Billing

Our team is experienced in delivering AR & Collections related support for hospitals, skilled nursing home facilities, and long term care centers. The activities involve reaching out to the payers regarding the status of the submitted claims, denial follow-ups, and working our underpayments and appeals.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the claims form (UB-04) and know how to bill clean claims. Our team has the versatility and knowledge of pursuing claims with different payers. In fact, we know it all with guidelines followed by different payers for authorization, timely filing process, case rates, per diem rates, DRG, etc.

Our 3-Step Follow up Journey to recover your Revenue:-

Online Claims Follow-Up: Checking status of outstanding claims through insurance company websites and internet payer portals

Automated Claims Follow up: Calling insurance company directly through interactive Voice Response system

One-to-One with Insurance Company Reps: Connecting with live insurance company representative for details

At 1% of Collections, Sunknowledge Ensures:
Handling of your accounts receivable by highly experienced staff
Expertise in working on difficult-to-recover aging A/R
Attention to every cash amount regardless of its size
Experience in claims adjudication serving major insurance plans
Increase in collections by 30 – 40%
Reducing your operational costs by 80%

Our extensive experience in working with aging accounts receivable as old as 3 years, make us a champion RCM destination. Our experts will be happy to share a complete action plan on how we deliver customized support.

Know more on our ability, speak to our references across Skilled Nursing facilities, Long Term Care centers and Hospitals. We have unmatched standards of productivity and can transform your cash flow with tailored support in Long Term Care Facilities Billing. Our dedicated mode of assistance, versatility across multiple practice management systems make us a reliable partner for the “ biggest and the best”.

Invest in the Sunknowledge advantage right now!

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