Improve Your Revenue with Unique Urgent Care Billing and Coding

It is true that the ongoing changes in the healthcare industry demand a practice to hire and use dedicated resources that will manage urgent care billing & coding with best in class denial management methods.

A prompt follow- up process on claims that are delayed with payments and are lacking the right response requires expert intervention and a comprehensive understanding of the claims adjudication process at present.

The range of services provided by an Urgent care center is diverse. Hence, it is quite evident that an in-house team may not have the necessary skill set or the processes to make a difference with improved collections and payables in place.

Also, it is important to note that there are significant changes expected with regulations and repealing of the Affordable care Act that will force the providers of urgent care services to implement a sound process that will upgrade the medical claims submission process.

Managing rejections will become even more difficult with stringent checks and balances expected in regards to transparency in provider service prices. A competent practice in Urgent care will have to look for dynamic medical billing companies that will be able to revamp their existing revenue cycle process by providing quality.

Urgent care billing and coding need to be optimized and a revenue cycle management partner that understands the real-time requirements of the payers will provide the right value. The best part will be flexibility and the cost effective methods that will help a provider in urgent care reduce their in-house billing costs significantly.

Competitive solutions in medical coding and billing are the key and a prominent practice management expert will induce best in class methods with a deep understanding of the payer’s priorities. Robust processes, seamless interfaces that share information with 100% HIPAA compliance is the need of the hour. Thus, it is quite clear that to gain a competitive advantage, Urgent care centers will have to look for vendors that eliminate loopholes with an end to end revenue cycle management support.

Sun Knowledge, Your Next Gen Billing Destination

Sun Knowledge provides their years of experience and proficiency in handling major healthcare service providers. They also have earned the distinction of serving notable payers by helping them in their claims adjudication process.

Excellent references for top notch industry players make them a desired healthcare revenue cycle management partner for urgent care providers.

They guarantee 70% reduction of billing costs with 99.99% accuracy in medical claims. Also, they take pride in their team of AR experts that help in improving collections up to 98% with excellent account management strategy. The company is also 100% HIPAA compliant in their operational practices. They are also offering a free trial policy to their prospects to get a feel about their excellent best practices.


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