How To Optimize Your HME Billing Reimbursements

The biggest challenge for the HME industry is complexities with operational expenses. Rising costs is a big hurdle for focusing on patients. What you need is a competent vendor that can eliminate practice management errors. It all comes down to finding a team of experienced HME billers and coders that can demystify your pre and post revenue cycle management challenges.

All that you want is someone that can help in managing everything from order intake and confirmation, checking the eligibilities on time, working on your prior authorization, following up with the doctor’s office at front end which sets the tone.

Making sure that all your payments are received on time with a smooth and hassle free effort is desired by every HME provider. However, hiring someone that understands the in and out of the same can be tricky in the long run.

Sunknowledge Delivers it All

As a next gen practice management destination, our team handles all pre and post HME billing and that too with 100% HIPAA compliance. Over the last decade, we have driven ROI for the best and that too with excellent references. We have reduced operational expenses by 80%, eliminated process loopholes which drives cash flow for our clients. Our team knows it all when it comes to working out a perfect plan as a reliable operational extension.

Sunknowledge offers task specific support in eligibility verification, prior authorization, order entry, conformation, doctor’s office follow up, claims submission, denial management, accounts receivable collections and payment posting. If you are looking for a perfect partner that can drive all your reimbursements as a perfect operational partner, we are a one stop destination for you.

Get in touch with our experts and hire us for a competitive edge at these trying times. Our team knows how to elevate your billing to secure reimbursements in the best possible manner. Accelerate your ROI; eliminate process gaps with our specialized intervention. Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage right now and experience a comprehensive HME billing support like never before.

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