What To Ensure with Your Orthotics Billing

People often think that orthotics as inserts of custom made shoe that relieves any foot pain. But there are other types such as the back braces. Medicare often takes them as durable medical equipment. Medicare Part B will be covering orthotics if both of the following are true
1) Your podiatrist prescribes it thinking it to be medical necessary
2) You have bought the orthotics from a supplier who participates with Medicare.

It may also cover inserts and therapeutic shoes for people who have diabetes and suffer from foot disease. Generally Medicare pays 80% of the cost for orthotics items; therapeutic shoes after you have met the deductible while you are responsible for the remaining 20%.

It is pretty evident that you might need to plan ahead of time with your orthotics billing. At present, reducing your costs in operations , eliminating any practice management blunder is all about finding the right vendor.

The Sunknowledge Advantage

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