Enhance Your Hospital Accounts Receivable with Sunknowledge Approach

According to a recent report, 270 billion US hospital claims were initially denied and also the numbers of denial write-offs are comparatively seen increasing every year; which s also causing an increase in the administrative cost as well leading to almost $9 billion. However, 90 percent of hospital accounts receivable are avoidable and the rate of denial and rejection of claims can also be reduced if careful measures are taken.

Moreover, proper and accurate hospital accounts receivable not only transform your organization cash flow uplifting the financial status of your organization but also ensures a seamless billing process along with proper cash flow.

How Sunknowledge Services can help you with your Hospital Accounts Receivable

Proper and stringent checks- following stringent checks and precisely reviewing each claim form before ensuring timely claims submission in order to meet the required guidelines correctly, our experts ensure continuous follow-up, turnaround time of 24 hrs while maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate; reducing your chances of denial and rejection of claims.

Write offs- with a liability insurance coverage of 2 Million Dollars, with a million dollar coverage per incident, our experts ensures no write-off without your consent

Experienced billers and certified coders working for you- with experienced billers and certified coders working on the complete billing process not only help our clients with a better but also faster billing management process where our experts vigorously work on your requirements.

In fact, taking care of our complete billing management Sunknowledge experts covers all the:
Patient Scheduling
Eligibility & Authorization Verification
Prior Authorization
Medical Coding
Charge Posting
Claims Submission
Denial Management
Accounts receivable Collections
Payment Posting

Helping you with 80% operational cost reduction we further have additional benefits for all our clients like:
Highest productivity metrics in the market.
Free account supervisors.
Faster reimbursement rate
Free Setup of accounts and transition.
Free IT infrastructure setup (Phone lines, VPN-setup, etc.)
No binding contract

Helping you with a seamless hospital accounts receivable, we are the perfect one stop destination. For more information, get in touch with us.

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