Sunknowledge: The DME Billing Partner You have been Awaiting for

Reach our experts and get to know how we will eliminate your proven pain points in DME billing with our disciplined assistance. We guarantee to reduce your billing costs by 70% and will increase your collections by 97%. Also, our team will provide you complete support with seamless account management assistance and that too at no additional charges.

Our proven expertise and expert understanding of the claims adjudication mandates of the industry helps us in providing stand out DME billing services with excellent credentials.

You will be getting quick and accurate prior authorization support that will lay down effective checks and balances. We are a dynamic revenue cycle management company that has been delivering quality solutions to leading providers over the last 10 years.

We will also assist your practice management/ revenue cycle management priorities and will improve your denial management efforts in the long run. Our powerful accounts receivable recovery and collections process will streamline your operations and help you yield reimbursements consistently.

We will not perform any write offs or adjustments unless it is been pre-approved by you. Our competent team of DME billers combines well with your processes and is expert in handling all the major software platforms in the market.

Sunknowledge provides you superior account management support and a complete DME billing plan of action that will be improving your payables with 100% HIPAA compliance and excellent best practices. Our experts will provide you a complete demonstration on how we are better placed than any other revenue cycle management company to handle your DME billing efforts. Our team is competent to provide you the best approach when it comes to DME billing services and you can avail a full time DME biller from Sunknowledge for just $7 per hour. We are your ultimate operational extension.

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