How do You Plan for CPAP Billing for Improved Collections?

Today, the use of CPAP machines is not restricted to treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. With this pandemic changing the way healthcare used to deal with patients, it is critical for you as a DME provider to make sure that all the required documentations are available to support the medical necessity. Also, respiratory items are in higher demand more at present than ever before. Home care treatment is fast becoming the order of the day. Knowledge of the dme modifiers, extensive dme billing training is what separates a team that knows and does not understand the dme billing guidelines 2021.

What you need is someone that eliminates all the practice management loopholes in your CPAP billing process. All you want is a revamp of your revenue cycle management efforts which will help you stand ahead at these trying times. Hence, your focus should pertain to managing all your front and back end efforts with a reliable partner offering dedicated assistance.

Choosing your ideal partner for reimbursements

The choice of a perfect vendor that can help in managing all your CPAP billing demands may not be easy. Search for a real time partner can be tricky! However, if you follow some best practices chances are you will find an easy road-map in the long run.

All that matters is a disciplined assessment on what makes or breaks your game , make a quick SWAT analysis on what your CPAP billing partner brings to the table. To start off, the right partner must have-

Extensive Experience: One of the major challenges faced by any provider is lack of trained who are not aware of the dme codes and modifiers. The perfect team will be versatile across all billing systems, offer dedicated assistance which transforms your ROI in the long run. All you want is a competent vendor that elevates your revenue cycle management efforts.

Compliance and consistency: The biggest attribute that a quality medical billing outsourcing company will be bring to a DME supplier, is best in class infrastructure, understanding of the adjudication priorities that corrects the front end , makes the back end error free with 100% HIPAA compliance.

Highest Productivity at lowest Price: If you hire someone that extends quality assistance with remote workers at a time when the entire system is crippled with labor shortage, you are lucky! The best in the business will do it all and reduce your operational costs with trusted assistance at all costs.

If you want a top class vendor handling your CPAP billing during these testing circumstances, leverage the advantage Sunknowledge brings to the table. Over the years, we have championed the reimbursements for the leading names and have excellent references.

Even at this hour of crisis, we are able to deliver according to TAT and offer what our clients need. Hire us if you want transparency and accountability in your CPAP billing efforts. We deliver where others fail and will be your trusted partner.

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