How Do You Empower a Comprehensive Hospital Accounts Receivable Process?

The biggest worry for a lot of hospitals at present is to manage patients and secure payments in the best possible manner. Finding a competent vendor that can deliver actionable support will be a hard find. However, it all boils down to finding reliable billers that can take your hospital accounts receivable collections to the next stage.

Reduction of operational costs remains one of the major hurdles for any provider at these difficult times. However, it can be confusing to expect a newcomer doing something which requires years of expertise and knowledge of the adjudication mandates that makes it easy for providers secure payments from the insurance companies.

However, it can be a tricky matter if you do not find the right mix of experience and skill in resources that can take care of your reimbursement process with synchronized hospital accounts receivable collections.

What makes Sunknowledge Exceptional?

Located at 41 Madison Avenue, New York, Sunknowledge Services is a powerful medical billing & collections company. Over the last 15 years or more, we have earned a niche edge by working for both in the payer and provider side of the healthcare business.

We have been taking care of AR & Collections related activities for several hospitals and other long term care facilities. The activities involve reaching out to payers regarding status of submitted claims and following up on denials, under payments and appeals.

The key activities require our team to have a extensive understanding of the claims form (UB-04) and the various intricacies of billing clean claims. Comprehensive research is needed before following up with the claims with various insurance payers. It also involves understanding of different guidelines followed by payers for authorization, timely filing, non-contracted providers, per diem rates, case rates, DRG etc.

Know from our experts on how we optimize your hospital accounts receivable collections and that too at just 1% of collections. We have made sure that all your collections are in safe hands and offer dedicated resources which elevate your revenue cycle management experience in the best possible manner.

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