Sunknowledge Services Inc: Delivers Complete Support in Prior Authorization

Billions of prescriptions are ordered every year! It amounts to huge money and time. The cost of completing the PA requests range anywhere from $2000 to $14000 every year. Almost 2% to 4% of the prescriptions are accounted to prior authorization. Billions of prescriptions are ordered every year and adds to huge amount of time and money. An urgent request can take 24 hours but with a standard, it ranges anywhere between 10 to 15 days.

Right from typing data into a clunky web portal of the payer to the processing of paper faxes, the entire act of requesting a pre authorization is still an intensely manual activity. Meaningful exchange of data and a fundamental lack of interoperability is one of the main reasons why your prior authorization process is so manual. Ultimately, your patient care priorities take a backstage as you start involving your nursing, clerical staff in the prior authorization process.

The Sunknowledge Solution to all your Prior Authorization problems

Overall 99.99% accuracy, our pre authorization services will be abiding by payer protocols and will employ precise checks and balances. We believe in streamlining the entire prior authorization process with effective communication with the patient insurance companies, helping you save valuable time and focus on your patient care in the best possible manner.

Sunknowledge Services Inc validates the pre authorization request, initiate and check authorization status, follow up with the insurance companies with documents of importance. Our team will also perform the task of updating the auth outcome in the billing system of the client.

For your reference, let us talk about our special case study with Botox Prior Authorization, quasi medical product primarily used for cosmetic purposes. Understanding the immediate requirements in prior authorization for Botox, we provided a proactive pursuit with an extensive understanding of the immediate claims adjudication mandates of the industry.

If you are looking for more information, we are ready to provide you all that you are looking for. Our team believes in working as an extension of your operational extension. Let us share with you, our best practices in prior authorization services.

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